Twitter Testing Threaded Reply Interface & Status Indicators Features For Users Convenience

After expanding its major API changes to kill trending and popular third-party app features, Twitter is turning to new feature-rich first-party applications. In this post, we are going to discuss on what Twitter and why it is planning to take advantage of its native apps rather killing third-party apps.

Twitter, in fact, is going forward to start working on new features on a regular basis, especially as more individuals start using Twitter’s own apps. About this, Jack Dorsey wrote in a tweet this week that Twitter search for testing two new features: presence and threading conversations.

First to talk about presence. A feature that Dorsey says would allow Twitter users to see who else is online at any given moment. Think of the online presence status indicators on Facebook Messenger, which shows a green dot when a user is actively available.

with the color scheme in place.

While the second new feature is threading, which gives a new look to Twitter’s reply system. Currently, in the Twitter application, you can see all main replies to a tweet you published and subsequently tap through to view individual threads and replies. With this new reply threading feature also called as threaded conversations feature, however, replies appear with more of a messaging-style interface.

So, as such, it’s not too surprising to see that the platform is starting to test a new way to make conversations a little easier to read. One way to do that? Threaded Conversations.

Here’s the original tweet:

Sarah Haider, Twitter’s head and director of Product Management, has recently published a couple of photos on to the platform, showing off new features and saying the micro-blogging company is indeed in the process of testing it. As the images reveal, the threaded conversation style does actually make reading each input a bit simpler, especially with the color scheme in place.

Continuing the statement, Haider responded to those concerns that Twitter “would definitely want you all to have full control over sharing your presence.” This somewhat implies the feature would be opt-in (or at least offer the ability to easily opt-out).

In my opinion, as I am not a big fan of these features. The reply threading feature isn’t that much necessarily awful, but it looks a bit cluttered and dated in its current form. Although it’s unclear when or if these features will roll out to everyone.

What do you think of these potential additions?

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