Two New Philips Hue Products For TV Lounge Brings Color To Your Walls

Philips continues increasing its smart lighting format with the announcement of not just one, but two new Hue fixtures that will go on sale this October. These are all the new Philips Hue lights appearing at IFA 2018, which are the latest lights project colors onto the walls around the TV.

Kicking off the additions of the Hue Signe and Hue Play, both designed to be used in and around entertainment centers. The additions we have now are the Hue White and Color Ambiance Signe Collection which accounts for a slim fixture with a solid base that comes in two lengths.

The latest Philips Hue Signe and Play lights announced

Play and Signe promise real floor-to-ceiling ambiance, the lights can certainly be used to illuminate your walls, but they’re not usually meant for it. The first is new Hue Signe lamps that can be easily positioned next to a TV against a wall. The longer one, at 59 inches tall, is designed to be floor-standing while the shorter of the two, standing 24 inches tall, is built with tables in mind.

The combination of the two should eventually see most situations covered and with this being part of Philips’ Hue White and Color Ambiance, users are able to choose from 16 million colors and 50,000 shades of white when designing their own lighting moods.

These lamps which Signify is introducing today are designed to project color onto your walls. And are available in a table version or traditional floor lamp, and will fire colorful light onto nearby walls to create ambient lighting that can brighten up the dark areas near a TV.

Both the Hue Play and Hue Signe are expressly designed to bounce colored light off your walls and provide ambiance. The Play is a compact, upward-facing bar that can give your TV viewing sessions a glow without the glare of a bulb souring the experience, while the Signe is a vertical fixture that’s built to blend in with your furnishings without taking up a massive footprint.

You will, however, need to use more than one Signe if you want to employ multiple colors – they are only capable of displaying a single color at any one time. Pricing for that, users can expect to spend around $159.99 for the shorter of the two while the longer will set buyers back $249.99. Pre-orders will begin in September ahead of the official October launch.

You can even sync with the Hue Sync app to mirror content from a PC or Mac. Signify is also releasing a new Hue Play light bar that can be positioned horizontally or vertically next to or behind a TV. It’s ideal for ambient lighting, especially if you’ve mounted your TV on a wall as it’s small enough to slot behind.

The two Hue Signe lamps and Hue Play light bar seem ideal for anyone who wants to place them near a gaming PC and sync to Razer’s Croma lighting system or simply mirror the colors from a game into the nearby ambient light. Rather, the company pitches them as ideal for your living room entertainment setup, where they can sync with your movies, music, and games.

With most Hue hardware, it can get expensive depending on just how determined you are to create an impressive display. Moving on, we have the Hue Play Collection which is again designed to be used in entertainment rooms. Essentially a light ba, the Hue Play can be wall-mounted behind a TV r simply laid anywhere which required indirect lighting. In order to get the best out of it, a place near a nice neutral wall, and the same goes for the Hue Signe.

In standard form, the light bars are plugged into a power source that is part of the standard kit with multiple bars added to the single power source in an attempt to save plug sockets.

While Philips has already sold out a number of TVs with built-in ambient lighting systems, it’s still difficult to mirror that experience with Hue Sync as it’s only available for Mac or PC. It seems Hue Sync, which can only be a little fiddly to setup, will always be limited to PC or Mac unless Signify creates an HDMI pass-through product to adapt it for TVs.

The Hue Play starts at $70 and is sold in a Single Base Kit configuration (with one light bar), but you can drop with a Double Base Kit with two light bars for $130 on a two-piece kit. The Signe, meanwhile, starts at $160 for a table-sized light and jumps to $250 for a floor-based model. No matter which you buy there will be a $59.99 extension available. Although it will not be as long as the ones sold as part of the above-mentioned kits.

Both of the Hue Signe lamps will be available in Europe and North America in September. You might want to think carefully about lining an entire room, then, but they could hit the sweet spot if you want to light up your TV or fill a dark corner.

All of the aforementioned kits work just like other Philips Hue lights, including HomeKit and Alexa support with an array of apps available for iOS and Android. Almost two weeks ago, Philips had also announced.

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