How To Unlock iPhone Locked On iOS 11.4.1 Using This R-SIM And ICCID Changing Trick

Here’s what we found is a new discovery that made in Apple’s iOS platform which allows any locked device to be factory unlocked to any network by using an R-SIM and directly modifying the ICCID. So that the device will continue to work, that too, without the R-SIM, using any network’s SIM card.

For those iPhone and iPad owners there’s a hearing about iOS vulnerabilities but are also used to them being discovered by security researchers and used for the purposes of trying to find a route into the device for jailbreak purposes.

At least in the modern world of iOS, we have something like this discovery that is uniquely related to unlocking the device and ensuring that a factory unlocked iPhone can be used on any network without having to request Apple or the locked carrier to interject. With the right too, although with the right process, it can be done and that’s exactly what we appear to how you. Best of all, it doesn’t require the jailbreak to work.

The process definitely appears to be as follows, flawless. There’s a chance that Apple might patch this in future but as of right now, it’s working as intended:

Note: You will definitely need R-SIM for this first to work. You can get it from here.

1. Insert an unsupported SIM with the R-SIM into a locked iPhone
2. Launch Phone app and type *5005*7672*99# and then tap edit ICCID
3. Type 8901-4104-2778-0604-3133
4. Restart the device and follow the setup
5. Once back at Home screen, remove the R-SIM and simply use the previously unsupported SIM card

And there! You have it. By changing the ICCID, it leverages a vulnerability that unlocks the device for use with any SIM card. It is also being pointed out that this isn’t entirely permanent and will be put back to being a factory locked device if a hard reboot or reset is performance accidentally, or else on the device.

However, the final words speak loud. You can go through the process of an over-the-air (OTA) firmware update without the unlock being taken aware. So, if you do a full restore through iTunes, then the unlock is removed and the hard work is undone completely.

If you have a device that needs unlocking, then this would definitely worth giving a try.

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