Untethered iOS 10.2 Jailbreak For Yalu102 Coming? Facts

As we and all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices users has been liberating their devices within a tethered yalu102 jailbreak tool, and not with an entirely untethered. Jailbreaking is has been since the first iOS device entered the market, easily manageable jailbroken device capable of accessing Cydia and installing all of the goodness from within.

Jailbreak update: Yalu iOS 10, iOS 10.2, iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak is out, but in semi-untethered IPA-based Pangu solution. Now, it seems to be the best developers could do. Until then, if a series of tweets are to be believed, then it looks as though a solution could potentially be on the way to turn the semi-tethered yalu102 jailbreak into a full untethered one.


In fact, one should first and foremost should take into account here is most definitely the use of potentially. The claims have come from a developer named Lang Shi, who joined Twitter back in August of last year with the tagline “I stockpile 0days and sometimes break things.”

The series of tweets in ‘?’ started approximately 20-hours ago, with him (Lang Shi) suggesting that he had found 2 new “kernal UAF bugs in iOS 10.3b7.” That put the tone of the Twitter account into iOS, with a follow-up tweet relating specifically to this mysterious untether tool:

Btw my “untetherer” tool for iOS 10.x is almost ready, turn your semi-tethered Yalu into fully untethered with 1 tap!

And, tht’s where all the excitement kicked in for members of the jailbreak community who have already managed to see the tweet. The post was accompanied by two images; one showng up a familiar looking white screen with an explanation of what actually the tool will do by utilizing two kernal exploits, as well as a “go for it” button. The second screen is somewhat identical, but again shows the text “untether installed” in place of the call to action.


Suggesting that one of the kernal exploits used is still present in the latest beta of iOS 10.3. Apparently, also suggested to work for iPhone 7 users on iOS 10.1 jailbroken using the mach_portal tool.

Indeed,, it sounds very exciting, but it also needs to be taken entirely with a pinch of salt at the moment. Soon, will be provided evidence – which is basically two screenshots with some text on – is encouraging, but hardly convincing at this stage, meaning that we won’t really know if this is legit until it’s released. If it ever is.

Still, lets depend on the actual progression and hope that it’s become to be a real deal.

(Source: @0xnever [Twitter]

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