Upcoming Apple TV Remote To Get Touch ID Sensor Integration?

It looks like Apple really wants to put Touch ID on your TV remote, which has reportedly applied for a patent that incorporates a biometric scanner into the Apple TV remote control. Apparently, Apple’s new patent reveals their plans to integrate Touch ID into ATV remotes, which also makes sense of making Apple TV hub for home automation in the future. Details below!


The Touch ID integrated Apple TV remote will act like an universal controller and the Fingerprint reader could serve a variety of functions such as adjusting the volume and display based on each household member’s personal preferences or automatically logging users into their personal streaming accounts. Resulting, it could also allow Apple to load personlized content alongside settings simply by using the Touch-ID fingerprint sensor to scan and recognize the user.


With such integration onto the Apple TV remote, could also serve as a means for authorizing iTunes downloads or quick access to Netflix without having to enter a password. Authentication method that the Touch ID integration will make the whole experience more faster and hassle-free. Parents could also restrict some of the content that their kids won’t be able to watch the content that’s available on Apple TV, and unless they record (regsiter) the fingerprint access for those channels.

What do you think about Apple’s new integration of Touch ID into Apple Tv’s remote controller?

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