The Next iOS Will Deeply Change The iPhone, Will Be A Major But Hidden Feature

Hardcore Apple fans who immediately updates their iPhone to the latest version of iOS every time new software drops, here’s a warning then: Hold your breathe a moment and back up the files on your devices before the next arrive.

It’s a general advice, you’ll want to be more sure to secure your files before blindly pulling the trigger on iOS 10.3. Beta 5 of the version is now available to both developers and public beta testers. The thing we are going to tell you is all about the hidden features that the newer version of Apple’s mobile operating system is getting with it in the near future.

Apple will introduce a brand new file system with the release, which is expected to drop by the end of this month, according to what developers with access to the Apple Developer Program said. The new setup, called the Apple File System (APFS), will replace the old standby, HFS+, which has been used for iOS and other operating systems since its introduction in 1998.

What actually the new APFS will change? It will automatically convert the files on your iPhone to the new format when it’s implemented through the software update via iTunes – but if there are any issues during the process, your old foles could be lost for good, since the two systems are incompatible. How then? You’ll be able to revert your files back to the old HFS+ format, but again, the data won’t be preserved along with the change.

Why because, the APFS is well optimized for Flash/SSD storage and focuses on encryption. These features are much more suited to modern computing demands than HFS+, which was engineered long before the iPhone was even an idea in Steve Job’s mind.

Pushing this type of software shift with an incremental update like Apople’s iOS 10.3 is curious. Typically, one might expect this type of archetype shift to come with a major new release. The next one of those, iOS 11, isn’t even expected to be announced until Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June.

Developers with the beta also reported that the system warned their old 32-bit apps won;t work on futue versions of the iPhone. No specific word on whether that could be part of the 10.3 update.

iOS 10.3 will likely come with new App Store policies, hidden iPad keyboards and, for all those sad single AirPod owners, the Find My AirPod tool. This beta system is hugely important not just for developers, but also to Apple itself.

Once again mentioning it, Apple’s iOS 10.3 will after the way iPhones and iPads store files, thanks to the inclusion of the APFS. Replacing the 30 year old HFS+, APFS is going into iOS devices and eventually Mac with its massive change.

Apple will have iOS 10.3 automatically convert devices to APFS during installation, and users, have no choice in this matter – want iOS 10.3? Surely be held with APFS, too.

Regardless of how low the probability is that something will go away during the upgrade to iOS 10.3, we strongly recommend a good iTunes backup is be taken before the update hits in. A recent iCloud backup is the least you should have, so be sure your device has been backing up automatically before you update.


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