Updated Google Translate App / Service Adds 13 More Languages For A Total Of 103 Languages Globally

Google Translate has become more convinient to help connect even more people now that it’s added 13 new languages to its roster. Chat with people from Ethiopia and Kyrgyzstan right away.

Those 13 more are Amharic (Ethiopia), Corsican (Corsica island in France), Frisian (Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands), Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan), Hawaiian, Kurdish/Kurmanji (Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria), Luxembourgish, Samoan, Scots Gaelic, Shona (Zimbabwe), Sindhi (Pakistan), Pashto (Afghanistan) and Xhosa (South Africa). Live 10 years ago, Google says all of Translates’s 103 available languages cover 99 percent of the online population.

The Google Translate team has also explained how it adds new selections in its official announcement post. Now 13 new languages has been added to the chart, Google said that the addition brings Transalte to 120 million people around the globe. Free tool that allows anyone to transalte information from one language to another. You can even use the Google Translate app on your mobiles running iOS or Android platforms to delibrately type in over 100 different languages or hand written phrases in 90 languages.

For a language to be added, user has to be written and it has to have a considerable amount of translations found online. Google scans those texts and uses machine learning to identify patterns. Wonder! Even the Search giant’s powerful machines need a human touch, though: the Translate app/service also relies on input from volunteers who translate terms and check other people’s. launched ten years ago since Google’s translation service came with handful of options. It has expanded tremendously and brought at least one coule from two different countries together.

It was last year when Google expanded instant visual translation support to 20 additional languages, followed by announcing it will release a new feature called Tap to Translate that allows the instant translation of any text on the Android device. For iOS, Google Translates words in real-time and recently added a new languages to video text translation speech converter. And today?

Sveta Kelman, Senior Program Manager, Google Translate said in a blog post

For each new language, we make our translations better over time, both by improving our algorithms and systems and by learning from your translations with Translate Community. No matter what language you speak, we hope today’s update makes it easier to communicate with millions of new friends and break language barriers one conversation at a time.

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