Upgraded Google Photos Now Supports Chromecast, Private Labels, Shared Albums And More

Photos is private are what everyone in this world backed up safely, and organized by labling them in their albums online or offline on PCs. Google Photos app lets you do the same thing but amongst other things like finding them fast, and social sharing them how you like to do. Now that at it’s Nexus event in San Fransisco, announced some updates for its Photos app that was originally launched in May this year at Google I/0 keynote. With plethora of new features and improvements, the new Google Photos brings with it is that it will support Chromecast officially.

Getting the Chromecast support, Google Photos has now introduced with a new icon, will appear at the top right corner of the application when you turned on Wi-Fi network sharing by Chromecast. For that, you’ll need to simply tap on the icon, later on photo to broadcast it to the screen.

How much it is helpful for a user? Photos app eventually allows you to choose eaxtly what is displayed at all times, and in case if you don’t want to cast a specific photo, which is set as your private one. Next to fire from the Photos app is another upgraded feature, which will let user getting labled and at the same time it allows you to add tags to photos or people to make it easier to find them, and perfectly to manage or organize photos.

Backup for Google Photos? It also received a new update for shared albums that is pretty similar to many ways like Facebook’s Moments app that let users share photos privately. This shared album inclusion will be released for Google Photos iOS and Android app in next update.

Finally, the Chromecast support is also coming to Photos app starting tomorrow and will be available to download Google Photos on iOS, which added three awesome new features to the app. You can share photos from your phone’s small screen to a much larger TV using the Google Photos app and a Chromecast. You get to pick what shows up on the TV screen and browse photos on your phone at the same time to pick the next image. You can even display an animated GIF or video you have stored in Google Photos.

Google’s photo-storage service is a great system for organizing all of the photos and video you capture with your phone. People labeling is available starting this week on the Google Photos Android app and will make its way to the iOS app and the Web soon.

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