US Apple Stores Now Offering Belkin Screen Protector Application Around The World

Happy ending! Starting today, Apple Store across the United States and all over the world are offering a new system that allows device’s display protection. Employees of Apple Stores have received their instruction to apply Belkin-branded screen protectors for iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus customers. Numerous number of stores across the globe have began rolling out the Belkin ScreenCare+ Application System last week, but didn’t allowed to do so, nevertheless the system of what Apple Store is offering is officially made available in retail stores starting this morning, February 9th, 2016.

How come the new Belkin’s ScreenCare+ Application System works? It actually lets Apple Store employees accurately and precisely apply screen protectors using a ScreenCare+ machine. When a customer purchases either a Belkin TrueClear Invisiglass Screen Protector or a Belkin TrueClear Ant-Glare Screen Protector, a well trained Apple retail employee will bring the ScreenCare+ machine from the back of the store.


Using the machine, that employee will clean a customer’s iPhone display and then apply the screen protector directly in front of the buyer. If anything goes wrong during the applicatiuon process, a new screen protector should be applied at no extra cost to the customer.

Screencare+ is available at Apple Stores worldwide, but screen protector application is limited to Apple’s latest iPhones. While the Belkin’s Invisiglass screen protector is purely made from an ultra-thin, flexible glass that absorbs shock and is shatterproof while preserving the natural feel of the iPhone. Now that the Anti-Glare screen protector reduces glare to improve visibility in bright light while also protecting the iPhone display from damage.

ScreenCare+ Application System

Finally, the Belkin screen protector application service should greately cut down the hassle involved with applying a screen protector at home. With Belkin’s mechanism, there’s less room for error as alignment is automatic and have a little chance of dust or debris accidentally getting suck under the screen protector.

A video showcasing the Belkin’s new offering explains why the machines needed to be made, and how they were designed using measurements accurate to the micron.

90% of customers said they would purchase screen protection for their new device. 10% actually do. Reasons ranged from compromising the look and feel of the brand new smartphone to anxiety about applying the film perfectly.

You can head over to Apple retail stores to make a purchase of Screen protector and get applied by Apple Store employees right away, now.

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