US Government To Users: Stop Using The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Turn Off Your Device And Return It Right Now

Although Samsung’s global recall of its Galaxy Note 7 is already announced and of course the replacement solution as though. Owners of the Note 7 who thought that the exploding battery issue was just going to fade out into the ether, then it appears that it’s a big no. In a new warning, the United States Consumers Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a statement for Galaxy Note 7 owners to “power them down and stop charging or using” the smartphone.

Exploding Galaxy Note 7 incidents related to batteries have in some cases caused significant damage to property, including a vehicle and among other instances. Then warning comes now, directly from the US Government to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users. It hasn’t yet gone through the formal process though, it looks like that’s about to change soon.

Samsung has already thrown a recall notice of its own, asking for concerned Galaxy Note 7 owners to return back the device to a store for it to be exchanged for a replacement temporary device, later be ultimately replaced by a non-faulty Note7 when a new batch come off the assembly line. A new report surfaced regarding Samsung is now finally working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission around an official recall, as part of a collaborative effort to ensure that all Note 7 device are returned and replaced in the correct manner.

The statement by CPSC is here:

CPSC is working quickly to determine whether a replacement Galaxy Note 7 is an acceptable remedy for Samsung or their phone carriers to provide to consumers.

These incidents have occurred while charging and during normal use, which has led us to call for consumers to power down their Note 7s.

Tim Baxter, President of Samsung Electronics America, outlined that collaboration:

We are asking users to power down their Galaxy Note 7s and exchange them now. New Note 7 replacement devices will be issued to exchange program participants upon completion of the CPSC process. In the interim, consumers can return their Note 7 for another device.

The US Note7 Exchange Program offers consumers the following choices:

  • Exchange current Galaxy Note 7 device with a new Galaxy Note 7 (pending CPSC approval).
  • Exchange current Galaxy Note 7 for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge and replacement of any Note 7 specific accessories with a refund of the price difference between devices.

For now, both Samsung and the CPSC are pushing Galaxy Note 7 customers to avoid using or charging their devices. And, this comes just after FAA issuing official warning against the use or charging of Note 7 devices on airplanes. As per Samsung itself, only 24 in a million devices are affected by the potential fire risk. But several airlines in Australia, India and Middle East have already taken the reactive steps to officially ban Galaxy Note 7 from being taken on board their flights.

Nevertheless, it seems that Samsung has been very perfect to the issue with its own recall and now working alongside the proper Govt bodies to only ensure that it’s done in the correct manner. The ability to swap a Galaxy Note 7 for a new one is “pending CPSC approval,” although the company says retailers and carriers may be able to provide a different loaner device in the meantime.

The South Korean company will also be giving away a $25 gift card or credit card bill to those consumers based in the United States who take part of the US Product Exchange Program right away.

If you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, then it’s strongly recommended sending the device back to Samsung as soon as possible. Here is the better way to grab the information on how you can do that:  Galaxy Note 7 Recall: How To Return It To Verizon, T-Mobile, Samsung, Others.

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