You Can Now Download, Stream Torrents In Your Web Browser Using BitTorrent’s New uTorrent Web Client

Here’s a new BitTorrent’s uTorrent app, the default client for downloading via the peer-to-peer file sharing network, has now been updated after many years. While the desktop client has been left wanting, BitTorrent is now quietly rolled out its new uTorrent Web software, a web browser-based version of the app that has one big feature added to its arena – it allows the streaming of torrents in a web browser.

You can get large files with the easy-to-use BitTorrent client. Get started now with free, unlimited downloading experience of torrents. A new browser-based WebTorrent client is available to grab, can only connect to other clients that support WebTorrent/WebRTC.

As the name suggests that uTorrent Web is a web-based application, which is not strictly accurate. Users download the uTorrent Web client and install it – it’s Windows only, currently – and then, when they click a magnet link or a torrent, they are automatically opened by the uTorrent Web client in a browser window with support for Chrome and Firefox built-in.

With the help of this BitTorrent’s new uTorrent Web client, you can simply download or stream torrent easily in the web browser itself. This means that users can continue to use their favorite torrent sites, click a link and even have content streaming almost immediately.

Yes, it’s working fine. The streaming of video is obviously the highlight here, and most importantly, that also works just as advertised.

What appears is that BitTorrent still be offering the standard uTorrent client alongside uTorrent Web, it’s surely only a matter of time before the original app falls by the wayside.

Regardless, for now, we can only suggest using uTotrrent Web at If only because it’s clear that this is the version that will continue to receive the most attention and development.

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