Vine App For Apple Watch Released To Download

To put looping videos on your Apple Watch, Vine has come with the support of its watchOS app, brings the ability to play tiny videos on your wrist and add a complication on certain watch faces and keep wearers up to date on how many times their clips have been looped. It’s better clarified as keeping a running count of Twitter followers on your wrist-watch. Smart, isn’t it?

Twitter has today updated its Vine iOS app, releasing a new Apple watch app as well as an improved overall usage experience. A free download app for both new and existing users, bringing with it the Vine experience to the Apple smartwatch, allowing those with the device to playback video content from Vine right on their wrist.

The latest Vine app makes uses of the official APIs to make magic happen on the Apple Watch by giving the ability to playback video content natively on the wearable aws also added as part of watchOS 2 update. launched in September, when Apple chose Vine to showcase the new ability for apps to play back video in watch.

Launching on Apple Watch today, Vine is also updating its iOS app with a new way to discover video content. You can now swipe left on any video to load a related clip that Vine thinks you’ll like. You can keep on swiping until you get board. Users can both Like and Revine their favorite Vines right from the Apple Watch as well, meaning they really can get the core Vine functionality without having to leave the Apple Watch app.

Both Favorites and Featured feeds are visible within the app, a Complication is also there should people need an even quicker way of laughing the app on their wrist.

Our Apple Watch app provides two feeds: Favorites and Featured. In Favorites, you can watch posts from the creators you’ve selected as a Favorite. In Featured, you’ll see Vines that have been hand-selected across channels like Comedy, Music and Sports

If there’s good there’s bad features as well, like what we’re not completely convinced that the likes of Vine should be on the Apple Watch at all. If you really must watch short video clips from your wrist then Vine at least has your back in that regard.

Beyond its associated Complication and the Apple Watch app, the iPhone app now allows users to jump from one Vine to another Vine with a horizontal swipe, making its even faster and easier to browse Vine for the latest videos. However, this update is all about the Apple Watch though.


Vine does a good job of shrinking down, offering up featured Vines and videos from your favorite accounts. The new Vine app update, including the Apple Watch component, can be downloaded for free from the iOS App Store today.

(Download: Vine for iOS with Apple Watch support on the App Store)

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