Vizio Launches New 4K UHD TVs, Starts At Only $600

As you all know by now that Sharp is in plans to bring a 5.5-inch Ultra HD 4K IGZO LCD displays for its upcoming smartphones, and in the similar fashion and not for your phone, looking for a cheap 4K television, Vizio has arguably the king of the makers of such smart sets that have a huge number of pixels has introduced yet another 4K TV with UHD display, look great and cost little.


Vizio has officially announced a new line of televisions, the 2015 M-Series Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV collection. The sets starting at 43-inches and go all the way up to 80″ if you have space for it to place. No matter which model you do go for though, you’re sure to get some interesting aka impressive images out of it.

With the 43-inch model costing just $600 USD, you owe it to yourself to give Vizio at leasta cursory glance before taking your hard earned money elsewhere. Payout more for the 80-inch monster will cost $4,000 which isn’t bad enough. It has the added advantage of being a 4K set that costs $4K Smart TV.


Technically, the specifications for all the sets include all manner of weird and not-so wonderful marketing grace, which may or not actually do anything to improve the image you see. Artfact like “Spatial Scaling Engine to upscale lower resolution content to near 4K Ultra HD picture resolution2, along with Full-Array LED backlighting with up to 32 Active LED Zones,” are best things to put on a marketing flyer. In action, we’d raher see one of these sets, but for all we know some of it might be Vizio’s great jewel!

The full pricing of the new range of TV sets from Vizio are as follows:

2015 VIZIO M-Series UHD 4K Smart TV In Action – Hands-On

M-Series Full-Array LED Ultra HD Smart TV Collection Pricing

  • M-Series 43″ Ultra HD Full Array LED Smart TV $599.99
  • M-Series 49″ Ultra HD Full Array LED Smart TV $769.99
  • M-Series 50″ Ultra HD Full Array LED Smart TV $799.99
  • M-Series 55″ Ultra HD Full Array LED Smart TV $999.99
  • M-Series 60″ Ultra HD Full Array LED Smart TV $1499.99
  • M-Series 65″ Ultra HD Full Array LED Smart TV $1699.99
  • M-Series 70″ Ultra HD Full Array LED Smart TV $2199.99
  • M-Series 75″ Ultra HD Full Array LED Smart TV $2999.99
  • M-Series 80″ Ultra HD Full Array LED Smart TV $3999.99

The sets pack Dolby Vision-certified panels with wide color ranges, 384-zone LED backlighting and a bright 800-nit output. You’ll get an integrated 5.1-channel sound bar if you spring for the “entry” 65-inch model, and there’s a 120-inch version. Vizio’s new sets are available now depending on where you shop. Vizio isn’t talking release dates or pricing for the Reference Series just yet. Stay tuned!

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