VR Video Support Gained By YouTube For Android App – Download Now

YouTube being the most popular video streaming channels has been updated its app to add support for virtual reality videos, paving the way for interactive films to use Google’s video service. For Android, YouTube has included a new feature called VR video support. Details on how it works can be checked out right after this jump.

Announced two new features for YouTube Android app that expand the video site’s use of virtual reality, giving the new technology its biggest platform approach yet. Now support a format that gives viewers what the company says are more unique and realistic 360-degree perspectives of movies.

Supports VR videos. To view it in YouTube for Android, a user would call up on the app itself, click a button on the video for VR mode, and place the phone in Alphabet Inc’s “Cardboard” device, a handheld gadget made specifically from the standard box material that creates a VR viewing experience.

YouTube at the announcement, said, “VR video gives you a sense of depth as you look around in every direction. Near things look near, far things look far“. Makers of virtual reality content can upload VR videos compatible with the Cardboard viewer directly to YouTube. Said there are about a dozen VR videos, including one stemming from the “Hunger Games” Experience or TOMS Shoes Giving which points out particularly.

YouTube Presses Play On Virtual Reality Videos Support for
Android users having a Cardboard viewer should be able to get the update and receive watching them in the VR headset. Viewers can see its vast library of videos with a more limited virtual reality experience, also using Cardboard. YouTube later added to the script saying that the videos will resemble what a viewer would see on an IMAX theater screen. Great!

To watch at your best viewing experience, you will to select the new “Cardboard” option from the Watch menu and insert your Android device into the viewer. Before that, you’ll definitely need to update YouTube app on Android with the latest version and have a simple Cardboard viewer to experience better VR videos.

Oculus Rift is scheduled for release next near and is expected to cost between $300 to $350. Cardboard costs between $5 and $50.

(Download: YouTube for Android from Google Play Store)

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