Download: VUDU Adds UHD Support For Apple TV, Lets You Stream Disney Films In 4K

Streaming movies and TV service VUDU has implemented UHD support for the Apple TV today, meaning there’s finally a better way for Apple TV owners to watch Disney content, Marvel movies, and Star Wars films in 4K HDR.

News comes from Reddit, the Apple TV is now listed on the VUDO UHD compatible device list, and the VUDU Apple TV app, which has received an update to version 1.1.0, confirms that 4K and HDR support is available.

Disney content, as said will be available through iTunes on the Apple TV streaming hardware, but Disney does not permit Apple to sell its offerings in 4K due to pricing issues, giving Apple TV owners few options for watching high-quality Disney content on their set-top boxes.

However, the VUDU app on Apple TV does not let users rent or buy movies or TV shows directly on the device, but again, the content added to a VUDU user’s collection from elsewhere, such as the web, will show up on Apple TV and will be available in 4K playback.

Most Disney content in UHD quality on VUDU is priced at $24.99, but other 4K titles can vary in price and are around $15 to %20. VUDU has alternative purchasing options, such as standard definition, high definition, and for some content, disc + digital.

The VUDU website features support for renting and buying more than 100,000 titles, plus it allows for linking an existing UltraViolet or Movies Anywhere account. All of that content, both linked and had on VUDU, is available on the Apple TV.

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