Want To Buy A Reliance Lyf Phone Now To Get Free Jio SIM Card With Unlimited 4G Data For Three Months

Reliance Digital and other non-Reliance stores are now selling Reliance Lyf smartphones across India, and also making it available through open markets as the company is nearing the commercial launch of its Jio services. Literally, some of the sources spotted Lyf branding at multiple mobile arenas in Bangalore, Chennai and this posted was particularly spotted at a store front in Bangalore. What exactly the posted says is that, without an invite you can get a free Jio SIM card that offering a 3 months of unlimited 4G LTE data when you purchase an all-new Reliance Lyf handset.

Originally, LYF handsets were made available to purchase at Reliance Digital Express or a Digital Express mini stores all over India and it no-doubt required an invite from an Reliance employee to join the limited Jio Lyf Preview. As per one of the source, from their limited testing, the JIO 4G is one of the fastest mobile networks in the country, and witnessed the download speeds reaching over 70Mbps.

Here in Chennai, one of the small retailer had selling these JIO SIM cards ready for activation and gone live for those who had purchased the Reliance Lyf Flame 3,4 etc devices. Obviosuly, this will be a promotional offer of free 4G data and calls and restricted to those with Lyf device and won’t work with another 4G device. Somewhat CDMA type.

What’s missing out of the scene is that, if you would need an invite to get the Jio SIM card and the Lyf phone, there are minimal number f stores, are already sharing invites directly with consumers owning Lyf devices.

Reliance Jio 4G Speed Test in India

You can purchase a Reliance Lyf smartphone starting from as low as Rs 3,999 and goes up to Rs 19,499. Sources claims that there are over 1 million Lyf handsets ready to retail in the company’s warehouse across the country.

What do you think? Have it and try unlimited 4G data for 3 months using Jio SIM card on your new Reliance Lyf hansdet.

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