Want To Get An App Like Shazam For Fonts: WhatTheFont

Here is an app called WhatTheFont which is a Shazam for fonts, a designer’s dream. Developed by MyFonts, and that app is a mobile version of the website previously, now recognizes any font you point at with your camera, including a variation of similar fonts to go with it. Here are the details you may want to know about.

The WhatTheFont app also lets you buy the fonts you find directly through MyFonts or even share them on social media, to say Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and others.

According to a Senior UX Designer at MyFonts, Seah Chickering-Burchesky, the app can identify 130,000 fonts with the help of machine learning. The latest version of the WhatTheFont app can also spot multiple fonts in one image, as well as connected scripts.

I tried it out myself to see what exactly the fuss was about. It seems to be working perfectly for now. How does it work? Take a picture of your phone’s screen, it checked for text, then let you choose which word’s font you wanted to identify. After that, it will offer a list of fonts, usually, the exact one which you was trying to find.

Though the app aims to make it a bit easier for designers and anyone who needs to recognize which fonts are used in any text. From websites to prints, ideal asserting and more. There are several other websites that only recognize fonts, like Matcherator and WhatFontls, but this is the first one we’ve seen the functionality in a mobile app for the first time.

The MyFonts’ new app comes in hand for recognizing fonts in the real world, where visiting a website would be impractical. Users on ProductHunt have greeted it mostly with positive reviews so far, but we all will have to wait a bit longer to consider anything or to see if succeeds in the long run arena.

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