A Glimpse Of Fortnite Mobile GamePlay For Android, iOS Is Here [Video]

Those of you who already signed up for Fortnite battle Royale Mobile game will be eagerly checking their email inbox in the hope that an access code has dropped or not.

For the early access and codes for the new Epic Games hasn’t yet dropped any access codes for Fortnite Mobile game as yet. It’s doesn’t mean you can’t get your daily fix for Fortnite excitement, brought to you today by this glimpse into what gameplay will be like on the Epic Games Fortnite port for mobile devices.

Since there is a lot of excitement for the Fortnite mobile port for iOS and Android, and rightly so based on the success of the original Epic Games creation. All the excitement is somewhat a burning desire from gamers to actually know and understand what the game will look like, and more importantly, what kind of playability it will offer and the interaction it will require.

Many hardcore fans out there questioning whether or not such a game would be suited to mobile devices. With the concern being asked that the original title will be devalued on the small screen of mobile interface.

In order to try and combat some of those fears, and to raise the excitement levels for the release of the game even further – Epic Games has officially released a gameplay trailer for Fortnite Battle Royale, showing the title in action. After watching it, the first thing you will notice in that 30-seconds teaser is that the visuals of the game trailer aren’t up to the same levels of the original release.

Obviously, we’re talking about a port of the title to mobile with the intention of support as many devices on iOS and Android. As is humanly possible, it’s to be expected in that sense. You also see that the thrilling nature of the game still exists, evidence by guns being let off, structures being built, and players landing on the island from the skies.

Gamers would have perhaps shown their interest in seeing a more in-depth introduction into the control mechanisms which govern the game. Unfortunately, is missing in any great detail from the trailer, though. We also do not get to see that the controls will be very similar to other mobile games in the fact that there are a virtual joystick and on-screen buttons designed to perform certain actions.

If an extreme carnage and rapid-fire shooting is your gaming style, then it seems a relatively simple tap on the screen is all you need to unleash firepower on any foes.

Indeed, it will be very interesting to see how mobile gamers free against Fortnite players on PC and PlayStation 4 when the cross-platform gaming happens. However, you and we need to wait for Epic Games to release invite codes to witness what will happen next. It is said the Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale mobile invite codes will be sent within the next 24-hours.

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