watchOS 5 And tvOS 12 Features, Release Date For Apple Watch And Apple TV Announced

As expected, Apple has officially announced the existence of watchOS 5 for all Apple Watch models alongside tvOS 12 for Apple TV sets. Following on from the closing Apple’s opening WWDC keynote, these announcements have been made.

Pre-WWDC hype is generally always focused on the software updates and on next major revamp of Apple’s mobile platform, iOS, and generally overlooks other firmware offerings, such as tvOS, watchOS, and even macOS.

During the keynote, the Cupertino-based company has also taken the opportunity to introduce tvOS 12 for Apple TV, as you’d expect, we have all of the details.

Before we take a chance to discuss tvOS 12 to date, we have first watchOS 5 in the detailing list.

Let’s take a dive into what’s new in watchOS 5 features when the new update to watchOS is very much concerned.

A 7-day Competition

watchOS 5 now allows for a user to start a competition with a friend wearing an Apple Watch running watchOS 5.

Yoga Workout

As expected, and as wanted, watchOS 5 finally brings up the guns for tracking your Yoga activities.

Automatic Workout Detection

Users have been wanting to see this feature for some time now and finally, that time has arrived with the watchOS 5.

Walkie-Talkie to Siri Watch face

The first and foremost Walkie-Talkie feature allows users to shoot voice memos to each other. This addition is supported over Wi-Fi and Cellular LTE, both in watchOS 5.

Next, to speak about Siri Watch face, this arrives with watchOS 5, with third-party apps also arriving at this Watch face pretty soon.

Podcasts in WatchOS 5

There’s not much to tell here, but Apple finally brings podcasts to the Apple Watch with watchOS 5. Raise your wrist for Siri, is there to simply raise your wrist and start talking to Siri, unlike before where you had to raise your wrist and say “Siri” to activate it.

WebKit and GymKit support

Finally, now when you tap on a web link, you can get a preview of the link, though there’s no full browser support as yet. Where GymKit is also added finally here which lets you connect your watch with gym equipment to track your progress.

watchOS 5’s Enhanced Notifications

Notifications from third-party apps can now be made interactive with support to modify an action or task directly from the notification itself.

Wallet Update in watchOS 5

Wallet apps now get an update to support Student ID cards as well. β€œThe program launches with Duke, the University of Alabama and the University of Oklahoma this fall. Johns Hopkins University, Santa Clara University and Temple University will bring the capability by the end of the year.”

As expected, the final update we and wearers are wanting is the Pride Watch face that was leaked not so long ago, is also here. However, this one is not relatively watchOS 5 exclusives and can be found in the Face Gallery, with iOS 11.4 and watchOS 4.3.1 being the requirements.

Jump in to see what tvOS 12 offers compatibility with Apple’s fourth-generation Apple TV hardware as well as the latest Apple TV 4K model.

The installation of the firmware not only brings with it a ton of features and improvements but also gives immediate access to the tvOS App Store, which, in itself offers access to a whole new world of apps and experiences for TV hardware.

tvOS 12 is a continuation of the Apple TV firmware and instantly looks to take things to the next level. Features included:

Dolby Atmos on tvOS 12

Support for Dolby Atmos was much talked about prior to the release of tvOS 12. It has now finally issued, with Apple TV being the only set-to-box to support both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos standards.

Cable TV is also now coming to Apple TV, with the company in talks with major cable operators.

About Apple TV remote in Control Center

This is one of the best handy feature as the remote now comes in integrated into the Control Center on your iPhone and iPad. It will automatically add once an active Apple TV is detected.

tvOS 12 brings in New Screen Savers

In addition to new screen savers, tvOS 12 now tells you which where the screen saver was shot at.

Zero Sign-On

This little update to Single Sign-on, as reported by The Verge: works by detecting that your Apple TV is connected to your cable broadband connection and matching your IP to your billing account. So it’s complicated to enable, but people have been talking about it for a long time.”

We will continue to post a story on macOS 10.14 features, release date, and compatibility list right here, soon. Stay tuned!

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