Updated watchOS 5 Beta 1 Released For Apple Watch

This means Apple rereleased an updated version of watchOS 5 beta 1 to developers after pulling last week’s build. The reason behind pulling the first watchOS 5 beta due to it bricking certain Apple Watch models.

Hopefully, this updated beta 1 of the upcoming watchOS 5 software resolve any bricking issues. During WWDC keynote last week, Apple made watchOS 5 available in beta from alongside iOS 12 and macOS Mojave in similar states, but the watchOS update was subsequently pulled from release.

With the re-iteration of watchOS 5 beta, today may rectify the error, keeping everyone’s watches safe and sound, adding new features such as Walkie-talkie and Activity Competitions.

It’s highly advised against updating to the watchOS beta. Unlike Apple’s other platforms, there is currently no better way to revert back to a public stable version of watchOS after updating to the beta without sending your Apple Watch off to Apple. While the watchOS beta is strictly meant for developer testing and not available for public beta.

Anyone wishing to install the update will need to head on over to the Apple Developer Center and download the relevant configuration profile. Once installed on the Apple Watch which is associated with the Apple Watch that must be updated, watchOS 5 will be presented as an update via the Watch app. You will require to charge and the watch needs to be on-charge with over 50% of battery life.

Once the beta release is installed users can look forward to trying out new features such as automatic workout detection, two features that Apple demonstrated on-stage at its WWDC keynote.

If you discover any unforeseen errors, beta 1 is where you will find them. Just ask those with bricked Apple Watch Series 2 wearers for confirmation of that.

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