iOS 12 CarPlay Apps Waze, Sygic Confirmed In Work After Apple Opened The Platforms To Third-party Navigation Apps

Starting with iOS 12 later this year, Apple’s CarPlay will let you use Google Maps, Waze, and other third-party apps, which was confirmed by Apple during WWDC 2018 keynote. It was also said opening its updated CarPlay release up to developers to allow them to have their own navigation apps work on in-car touchscreens.

With the announcement already made, Apple’s new CarPlay initiative will no longer force you to use Apple Maps to get directions. Instead, you’ll be able to use navigation from any of the listed third-party apps, like Waze, Google Maps, or whatever your mapping app of choice is.

Currently on Apple Maps is available to drivers who are lucky enough to have CarPlay compatible cars but when iOS 12 ships, later on, everything will change. Now we have two confirmations that new apps will support Carplay with iOS 12 – Waze and Sygic.

With Waze, the ever popular Google-owned navigation app, we have affirmation via Twitter that works to upgrade the app to support Apple CarPlay in underway. While concrete details will apparently not arrive for a while, said to be “in the coming months,” the sheer fact that it is in the works at all will be great news for fans of the apps that many regards as a must-have to anyone wanting to avoid traffic when out on the road.

Moving on we have Sygic Car Navigation system whose developer confirmed via Twitter that iOS 12’s move to allow third-party navigation apps will see the app aim to have its own CarPlay-compatible update ready, too. Sygic assumes that iOS 12 will land in September and will apparently tend to have an update ready in time to be there on launch day.

CarPlay already supported third-party apps in other scenarios. However, mapping has been one of those classic cases of Apple locking everyone into using its own service. As Apple Maps app has improved over time, though, there are plenty of reasons to prefer other services, like all the additional information that Waze provides.

Apple’s move to allow third-party navigation apps in the CarPlay ecosystem is one which is arguably coming much later than it should. In fact, it is finally arriving as part of iOS 12 update is still one to be celebrated. CarPlay is Apple’s in-car interface for iOS, you can plug in an iPhone (or Android phone) and have a version of the phone’s app pulled up on-screen. It’s a major convenience since your phone is going to know a lot more about you and be connected to a lot more services than your car it.

If you’re a Waze or Sygic fan then you should be a happy person tonight and we cannot wait to see which other apps follow suit. Plus, carmakers are just never going to be as good at making user-friendly software interfaces as phone designers.

We are looking forward at you, Google Maps.

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