Chrome For iOS Update Enables Physical Web Support, Adds Swipe Navigation – Download Now!

The Chrome iOS browser a few months ago added a Today widget to let users open a new tab or do a voice search right from the Notification Center. Your iPhone just become a better remote control for the is Google has released Chrome 44 for iOS, which evidently lets you see Physical Web devices (like smart parking meters and vending machines) in iOS’ Today view — you don’t need to run specialized apps or open the browser just to see gadgets around you. Together with horizontal swiping support for navigation is also included in the new version 44 of Chrome for iPhone app.

Chrome-For-iOS-UpdateThe newer version of Chrome iOS browser is specifically designed for mobile devices and now available to download from the official iTunes App Store. Free to navigate through your webpages by simply swiping right or left with gestures. With the major addition of the Physical Web support, allows users to view and access an on-demand list of Web content relevant to a users needs and surroundings. Once Physical Wen enabled within Chrome for iOS, the new widget will then start scanning for broadcasted URLs and show you results on your smartphone using the estimated proximity of beacons to rank content for easy use.

Now that you can finally use Safari-style horizontal swipes to flip back and forth through Web pages. But one of the weird quirks was that swiping left or right brought up a tab view instead of navigating a tab’s history. Now, that’s fixed. Since, when you swipe left or right in Chrome you’ll navigate tabs instead of switching tabs. You can still switch tabs by tapping the icon in the right corner.

With the support for Physical Web, the update came with Chrome widget in the today view will still scan for URLs so you can control real world objects.

Jake Leichtling, a Google Physical Web Explorer explains :

The new Chrome for iOS is an early exploration in enabling users to access the Physical Web in their day-to-day mobile experiences. – As the ecosystem grows, we’ll continue to explore new ways to bring the Physical Web to users’ fingertips.

For more information on the new Physical Web jump over to the Physical Web Cookbook and the GitHub website for details and instruction son how to implement. Google will also be rolling out the new Chrome 44 web browser to Android devices via Google Play in the next few days.

What’s New in Version 44.0.2403.65

• Swipe to navigate: swipe right or left to navigate backward or forward
• Stability improvements and bug fixes

(Download: Chrome for iPhone from The iOS App Store “Free”)

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