Download: Mozilla Releases Firefox 40 For Windows 10 To Make Add-on Safer

Microsoft has although rolled out Windows 10 free upgrade for the following genuine Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 operating systems. Problem following the upgrade to Microsoft’s OS release is that some of your apps can look a little out of place. While Microsoft has shipped its new Edge browser, alongside the much maligned Internet Explorer, some users will want a new and updated version of their favotite third-party browser instead. Mozilla has traced the hype, and now that has released Firefox 40, a newly updated version of Firefox web browser all ready for Windows 10.

Of course I am a big fan of Firefox, because of its add-on packs and have the best packages available, but in the recent times it was crashing a lot. Live on, version 40 for Windows 10 is probably the most intersting at this point, as said the reason it is what it brings to the table. Impressive feature of the new Firefox is to take advantage of the search box in the Windows 10 Taskbar, allowing users to search the web using Firefox instead of Edge with ease. Apart that, users can now also use Google instead of Bing, which may or may not be a big deal depending on your stance on the two big search engines.

Mozilla has privied its Web browser with top Plugins, are safer in Firefox 40 thanks to the way it signs them, with the company now certifying each and every one individually. By default, Firefox will also disable any unsigned plugins. To make Firefox as default browser on Windows 10, you will need to add it to the section first.

Across the range of platforms that Firefox runs on, version 40 offers additions and improvements such as better scrlling, improved video playback performance and suggested tiles in a new tab view. All these features available as a free update, and should probably be downloaded without delay even if you aren’t a Windows 10 user. Browser updates always plays a big role and only for the additional security the invariably bring with them.

Download your update ASAP.

(Firefox 40 For Windows 10 To Make Add-on Safer)

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