Download Google Chrome 48 Beta For Android Brings Cast, Custom Notification Buttons, And Network Estimation

The latest release of Chrome on Android gets beam presentations to Chromecast, now allows mobile sites to present to Coogle Cast devices usingthe standards-based Presentation API and Cast Web SDK. Overall the new Chrome 48 beta brings custom notification buttons and network estimations. For Android, Google added interactive push notifications to its mobile browser and many more to check out.

Download Chrome Beta for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices with 3D Touch Support
This Google Chrome beta version 48 also brings with it a presenter mode on to the Android mobile web, where sites can add custom buttons to notifications that will enable suers to complete tasks entirely within the notification. There’s now the ability for sites to send presentations to Chromecast devices – something developers can implement using Google’s corresponding API and SDK. Developers should take advantage of this alerts tool, highlighting that Chrome is serving over 350 million push notifications per day, Google says.

Next feature that Chrome 48 beta for Android got is on mobile, users will soon be able to detect a user’s connection speed, and will be able to send most optimum page resources for that network. Websites can also respond to changes in connection quality using the NetworkInformation.onChange event handler.

You can now download Chrome 48 Beta through Google Play for your Android device or switch to the beta channel in the browser.

(Source: Google)

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