Google Cast Is Now Built-In To Chrome Browser, Here Are The Details


Google Cast was in beta forever since two years of its launch and now it seems that test period is finally gets to an end. The protocol that powers Chromecast – previously worked inside of Chrome has received an extension by Google. Cast is directly built into Chrome web browser as of today and anyone can use it without having to install or configure additional add-ons or Chome extensions. Now Google Cast is available on every Chrome browser and also baked its functionality right into the Hangouts, which makes it easier for individuals to share screen from their browser to a Google Hangout. Here’s how to use it!

Button on YouTube, Google Music, and other sites allowed you to cast music and video to your TV or stereo systems. From now you will no longer require an extension to sling media across the room, as Google has rolled out the integration of the Cast protocol directly into Chrome.

Cast has finally hit the stable channel that most consumers use. Like all the Chrome features, Cast support started in the “Dev” and “Beta” versions. The Cast buttons in website UIs will continue to work like the way it always did, and if you click on the Chrome menu button, you’ll be treated to a new “Cast…” option that can beam an entire tab to your television.

Everyone can throw individual browser tabs to your Chromecast — or even your desktop PC — in addition to services like Netflix or Play Music. Google seems to be releasing a totally new Chromecast next.

new Chromecast
To get the new Cast function, you should be running the latest version of Chrome 52 and a Cast-aware device on your local network. You will then be able to use the Cast menu item directly from Chrome to share the contents of a browser tab or a whole desktop into a Hangout. They are scheduled on the user’s Google Calendar that are shown automatically, and you might also join manually using the “Search” text box. Once those websites are integrated with Cast, you will see the Cast icon when you are also on the same network as a Cast device.

Cast Menu Icon
According to the Google’s Support page, the old Cast extension will apparently still live on for those who want the tab-beam button in their toolbar. Google Cast app have been casted on more than 38 million times from Chrome, watching and listening to more than 50 million hours of media using the HDMI dongle.

Users will not need to install Cast on their devices as this is officially available in Chrome 52 or higher version for free-of-charge.

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