New Chrome For iOS Released, Google Now Shifts To Apple’s WKWebView, Reducing Crashes By 70-Percent

Google’s new web browser for iPhone, iPad has received its first update. Chrome for iOS app has been introduced with a stability and performance improvements, mainly centering around the company’s switch from in-process rendering with UIWebView to out-of-process rendering thanks to WKWebView. Chrome browser brings improved speed and stability on iOS while browsing. Details on this can be found just below, right after this jump.

Tests by Google indeed proves the new Chrome for iOS update reduces the app’s crash rate by 70%, letting users pick up where they left. On page from any device without a crash causing issues.

Version 48 of Chrome for iOS brings improved stability, reducing crashes by 70%
The biggest change is in stability: with WKWebView’s out-of-process rendering, when the web view crashes or runs out of memory, it won’t bring down all of Chrome with it. As a result, Chrome crashes 70% less with WKWebView. Even when counting the “Aw, Snap!” page shown when the renderer crashes, there’s still a big improvement.

Outside of stability, WKWebView brings many other benefits. Web compatibility is improved with support for features like IndexedDB, bringing the HTML5test score for Chrome on iOS from 391 up to 409. Switching to background tabs will cause pages to reload 25% less often. JavaScript speed on benchmarks such as Octane is an order of magnitude faster, and scrolling is smoother and more responsive.”

The new version 48 of Chrome for iOS and the latest available to download on the App Store is currently 48.0.2564.87. Browser speeds are also increased to much higher thanks to the JavaScript execution. For the Web, Google has also initiated a new extension called “Data Saver,” that eventually allows Chrome users the ability to manage data usage while outside of their home WiFi networks.

The function aforementioned is somewhat similar to that extension available for Chrome on Android devices. Data Saver reduces the data needed to access the Internet web with the help of the company’s “compression technology”. About the whole extension, it lets users see exactly how much data they have saved and also highlights which websites are using more data when out of the house.

The icons in the Chrome’s tab page has been redesigned to provide iOS users an easy access to their most frequently visited websites. Spotlight integration is also present, where Chrome for iOS users can either swipe down or right from the homescreen to search for their Bookmarks.

The iOS Chrome update is said to begin rolling out starting today, and all users have just to do is check for the update in the App Store, if they don’t want to wait for the automatic update.

(Download Chrome for iOS on iTunes App Store) – (Direct Link) Free from here.

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