Switch From Chrome To Safari Right Now To Get An Extra Hour Battery Life On MackBook

Today we are talking about how to give additional power for your Apple’s MacBook notebooks, and for that you have to use a simply technique like this. Switching back to Safari from Chrome browser could get you an extra one hour of battery life or more, according to the report study by BatteryBox.

Use Safari instead of Chrome, and get an extra hour of battery life
One of their emplyees was consitently getting more battery life out of his MacBook after switching back to Safari, the company decided to modify a testing system used to collect data on BatteryOS to instead monitor power consumption on a notebook from Mac maker.

Tested data from all the websites, where Safari only consumed the least power allowing for 6 hours and 21 minutes of total usage, while Firefox sits in the second place with 5 hours and 29 minutes of usage, and whereas Chrome came in last withy 5 hours and 8 minutes of usage.

Conclusion is this, a simple switch of browser from Chrome to Safari essentially give you an hour or more of battery life on your MacBook. Ultimately, this corraborates another recent report that using Safari gets you an extra 36% more battery life over Chrome.

Check out which browser is the most power efficient:

Chrome Vs. Safari Vs. Firefox On MacBook – Battery Life

We measured the power consumption of watching videos on YouTube, browsing Reddit, streaming on Netflix vs Putlocker, creeping on Twitter and FaceBook, composing emails on services like Gmail and Hotmail, and searching for stuff on Google, Bing (yup, surprisingly, it’s still used), and DuckDuckGo. We used a factory-restored MacBook Pro Retina 13” to test each website on one internet browser at a time. No programs other than the browser were open

Now it’s your turn, deciding to switching back from Chrome browser to Safari to receive an exra one hour or more of your MacBook battery life.

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