Opera 36 Beta Download For Android Released, Brings New Tab Switcher, Web Apps Discovery And More

Updated version 36 of Opera beta for Android has been made available to download. Mobile web browsers are making their way into the market, which actually brings many new features for quick results, like what you have been experiencing on the desktop browsers. Opera 36 is such an alternative web browser that is faster and free to use, purely-based on Chromium and Blink – includes a lot of features and improvements.

The latest version of Opera 36 beta for Android is one of those updated web browsers brings with it tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking and integrated searches to the table. As said it’s based on Chromium and Blink (specifically used by Chromium as the rendering engine), has came up with bigger guns to enter the race for the best web browser list, to compete with the likes of Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

With new tab switcher, Opera 36 has a modern look and better ones underlying structure that allows optimized resource management. It also has the advanced functions such as Opera Mail program, the lightweight, customizable mail client that refines your email experience. Opera says it is still on perfecting it, but beta testers asked more for their feedback, and the update lets users make progressive web apps easier than before to find on the worldwide Web. Opera 36 beta automatically allow compatible apps for web like Flipkart Lite to be added to the browsers home screen.

Opera 36 displays security badges, to give you a quick look at the security of a page, for example, if the browser’s Fraud and Malware Protection detects anything potentially dangerous, it will display a popip to warn you. It has a feature called Off-Road mode. Uses server-side compression to give you better browsing speeds when the Internet connection is slow. Speed Dial is another add-on pack to make your browsing experience a bit more significant. If you’re on dial-up or pay for your internet connection by data usage, Off-Road mode compression can save your money, too.

Private browsing on Opera 36 for Android ensures your internet history and activity removed as soon as you close the window. Erases all the browsing data once its closed, history, image cache, passwords, everything. Most important to note is that you can browse comfortably on public computers knowing your activity and passwords are removed when you close the browsing window. To ensure your privacy, Opera 36 also gets a way on how you can control websites and monitor your web activities and keep browsing habits and private data safe if you share a PC or account. For that, you can manually set what information you want to share with specific sites.


There’s a Heart button in Opera UI on the right side of the address bar. What for? You do not have to “learn” icons, just click on the new gheart to open a menu. Try to add your bookmarked or favorite pages to any of Stash, Speed Dial or the Bookmarks page and you’ll se the heratbeat. Integrated PDF viewer in Opera 36 is a fast reader, which has been added to the browser so that it can keep you read without changing applications.

New Opera beta version 36 has the Web notifications as native to your system as possible: You will receive them as normal Windows or Mac notifications. Supports H.264 and MP3 Audio, widely used on the internet. With Opera 36 you will get a native access to such content. Opera for desktops, you can now sync your open tabs. MSE Audio now works from within Opera, enabling playback from Google Play Music and similar devices.

If you install Opera browser on Android mobile and downloaded for Desktop on your computer, you will also get cross-device syncing in action. Make some bookmarks on your PC and see them appear on your Android phones.

Introducing Opera 36 beta for Android and desktop with Web Bluetooth feature that lets you take control over Bluetooth-enabled devices via Web. Feature that is activated by default, and you have to just navigate to opera://flags if you really want to enable it. Well! Some users are experiencing issues with pull-to-refresh, a flag in that channel has been added if you want to disable it. Otherwise, there are no other problems with the Opera 36 beta for now.

Opera 36 beta for Android New Features:

  • New fresh tab switcher
  • Web apps discoverability
  • Web Bluetooth experiment
  • A Chromium upgrade to version 49
  • Various UI, stability and usability improvements

(Download: Opera Beta For Android For Free On Google Play Store)

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