WeChat App a Revolutionary Edge of Social Media

We chat is a Chinese mobile voice & text message application developed by a company named Tencent from China. This we chat app is compatible with all the five operating systems available in India such as- iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian & Android. This we chat is a cross platform messaging tool which is totally free of charge. This we chat application features live chatting, group chatting, video calling & video and picture sharing, chat facility & the list does not end here, it also includes a number of other interesting & fun emotion cons to give your chat a more life.

Wechat App a Social Media App
This latest app is available for free on Google Play stores for Android phone users, for iPhone users this application is available on iTunes Store, at Nokia OVI Store for Nokia Symbian users & last but not the least at Windows Phone Store for blackberry users & Windows Platform users. This application can be easily downloaded from the WeChat application’s official website & the most exciting part is…. That it is free, free, free.  We require not state that Wi-Fi or GPRS charges will be applicable.

Once you are into the app world of We chat you can also find all your friends on other social networking sites. My iphone functions perfectly with the app & I enjoy chatting all day round whenever I found a WIFI connection around. The text messaging is really slow with my touch screen phone but in contrast to it video & pics sharing is extremely fast. You may find it weird or best, with the help of this app you can locate Wechat app user who reside near to you by bringing into play GPS gizmo in your mobile gadget.

On the whole, if you desire to be on the revolutionary edge of social media, download Wechat App on your phones and start enjoying & have lots of fun with all your friends & neighboring people. Currently Wechat application is focusing on the improvement of product & increasing the amount of users using the app. Wechat has by now captured the imagination of a huge group of youths & also of a number of organizations in India.

Wechat App
One of the probable means to monetize the application could be in the outline of a feature named “Official Accounts” which facilities organizations “companies & traders to put up interactivity with their followers & fans in an innovative and pioneering technique” Brands such as- Tradus, Big bazaar, Café Coffee Day, Big Bazaar & many others have by now began to use their Official Accounts on WeChat app in India. This application has already been given a soft launch in the year 2012 in the month of July, when WeChat was completely accessible in India across various platforms like- Android, iPhone, Windows Phone platforms and Symbian.

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