What Reveals First iPhone 7 Design Details Are Reportedly Here

Apple’s iPhone 7 may not be added to the list of March media event, though it’s almost away for an unveil in the September time-frame. For a new iPhone announcement you have to wait but that won’t stop the rumors from coming thick and fast, before the 4-inch iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 introduction. With public who are apparently getting access to iPhone 7 parts seemingly coming forward on a daily basis, the new report has with it the iPhone 7 design featuring two distinctive changes from the today’s iPhone 6s.

Current situation comes directly citing a tipster that it claims has had some success in the past, shared that new iPhone 7 will make two changes to the now available iPhone 6s that is already on sale, with the first being a new, flush camera unit and the other seeing the now infamous antenna bands receive a big overhaul. Refresh!


Cover the photography part of iPhone 7 first, the new rumor claims Apple using a thinner camera modules that will allow for the removal of the camera bump that actually adorns the rear of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Existing have Apple including a dual-camera setup on the iPhone 7 Plus, but the latest reports says that no such technically will be making its way to the smaller, thinner iPhone 7. Officially, it hasn’t been confirmed, but nevertheless feel confident in admitting that the thinner camera module will not mean a reduction in image quality, or the megapixels number which the iPhone 7 camera is able to capture.

Camera is said also staying around the back of the hardware, the new rumor also has Apple finally altering the antenna lines that have been synonymous with the iPhone since the introduction of iPhone 6’s. Now, the lines that previously went across the back of the device — one at the top, another at the bottom – have been removed, however it doesn’t actually mean the whole atenna have been removed, though. But the iPhone 7 will at least have a more clean, more metallic appearance when viewed square-on from the back position.

iPhone 7 design mockup.
The iPhone 7, Apple’s 2016 5.5-inch flagship smartphone expected to be announced, and then go on sale some time in September, following a pattern that the company has stuck to for a few years now. We’re still weeks and 7 months away from September, but rumors are already starting to gather a pace. No way there will by anything left to learn come announcement day.

(Thanks: MacRumors)

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