What The iPhone 8 Design With Rumored Bezel-Less Display May Look Like

Not the iPhone 7 we are talking about today which was with us for a matter of weeks, rather moving towards discussing about what the iPhone 8 will look like when it gets an official introduction, likely in September 2017.


Many out there believes that smartphones have recreated a generation with regards to their shape and looks, but designers, and of course, hardware makers, have already begun to show that’s not strictly accurate and the iPhone 8 is likely to be a prime example.

When you speak about Samsung and its Galaxy S series, the candy bar design of a smartphone has been changed in screen size as well as curved panels for the likes of the S7 Edge, devices like the recently-announced Xiaomi Mi MIX and Sharp’s concept smartphone with its rounded-corner edgeless display, have proven that sort to not be the case.

Edge-to-edge glass screens and no physical buttons are exactly the kind of things that are on the drawing wall board for iPhone 8 rumors, and those have also given to some new concept art, which makes the next iPhone look like something that would attract plenty of OLED attention.

Created by Veniamin Geskin, the new concepts show an iPhone 8 with almost no bezels, made possible by moving the Home button behind the screen, in the way as Apple been planning given the move away from physical Home button as part of the iPhone 7 design and existing rumors that suggest the same. This concept is much looks like an iPhone 7 with no bezels, has us all keen to see what Apple will do with things over the coming months for the tenth anniversary iPhone next year.

Believes that Apple is on its way into the process of getting the next iPhone things ready for us all to drool over, but until then, the concept design is the coolest thing we have to seeing what we will be buying next September.


(Source: Veniamin Geskin [Twitter])

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