What We Learnt Is Apple Watch 2 May Arrive In Mid-To-Late 2016

Although the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro do hint at new specs and features for the Apple Watch 2. Rumor mill is bubbling under nicely and you can be sure that in a secret design lab somewhere in Cupertino, the next watchOS 2 powered Apple Watch is under works. If it’s fair to say that Apple’s first attempt at an intelligent and connected smartwatch was a purly successful one, then it’s time to discuss about the outfit may have yet to announce official sales figures for its first wa=earable, which continued development of accessories and underlying watchOS gives a crystal clear indication that the Mac makeris commetted to the product line.

An analyst for Cowen and Company, Timothy Acuri is suggesting that Apple’s continued commitment to the Apple Watch could present itself sooner rather than later with a potential second-generation device arriving as soon as mid-2016.


The research memo created by Acuri on behalf of Cowen and Company has been put together based on a recent trip around Apple’s Asian supply partners. The memo is also suggesting in addition to the speculating potential production of a new Apple Watch in mid-to-late 2016, is said Apple could be in a position to improve the wearable by introducing a new slimmer redesigned shell.

If Apple have so far chosen to be shy when it comes to publishing actual sales figures for the Apple Watch, but hasn’t stopped Acuri and his company from turning into prophets,which also claims that Apple could easily ship more than 18 million Apple Watch units before the current calendar year. Believed that the popularity of the Watch will continue to grow well into 2016, with sales projections estimated at around 45 million at the close of 2016.

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To date purported details of any second-generation Apple Watch has actually been pretty much non-existent, and thus far we really have nothing to go one for Apple Watch 2. With that said, it’s expected that the new Watch will be manufactured from new materials, and speculated to include FaceTime camera, as well as improved Wi-Fi capabilities that could see the Apple Watch becoming self-sufficient without the need for a connected iPhone.

What about sales predictions for the current model, as well as any future model that could be introduced by Apple? If you’re an Apple Watch owner, there’s still potentially another twelve months before your purchase is out of date.

(Source: AppleInsider)

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