WhatsApp 2.18.102 Beta For Android Now Lets You Record Long Voice Messages [APK Download]

WhatsApp for Android has now received a new beta version update which brings the ability to lock recordings of voice messages.

Since acquiring WhatsApp, Facebook has done a pretty great job of rallying internal engineers and introducing new functionality to the app at semi-regular intervals. Even though Facebook coming under increasing pressure for how it accesses and uses data from its account holders, it hasn’t stopped WhatsApp from progressing.

Version 2.18.102 of the IM app is currently available through Android beta channels, which looks to add a new mechanism for creating and sending voice messages. This same feature was introduced previously to WhatsApp for iPhone, is designed to let users conveniently record long voice messages without holding the ‘Record’ button down the entire time. It is also reported that WhatsApp is working on an option to play voice messages before they’re sent to the receiver.

The recording feature on WhatsApp beta for Android is somewhat identical to what has been offered on iPhone to lock voice recording since November last year. Reportedly, it has been in testing internally since then. To lock recording of your voice messages, tap and hold the mic icon for 0.5 seconds and then slide up your finger toward the lock button. Once voice recording is locked can easily be sent by tapping the Send button. This means that you’ll not be required to hold down the mic button all time while recording your voice message. Furthermore, you can anytime tap the Cancel button, available next to the timer, to trash your recording.

This addition, which should hopefully make it into the next production build of WhatsApp on Android soon as it has been available on iOS for a while. Again, this feature will introduce the ability to lock voice messages recording to afford a user a more advanced voice note sending experience.

In the current live version of WhatsApp on Android, the voice recording functionality is cumbersome and represents a fairly miserable user-experience. Those who wish to send a communication with a voice attachment are required to press and hold the recording button and keep their finger pressed in order to ensure that recording continues and lasting. For very short audible clips this isn’t a huge task.

For longer voice notes, or even for dictating documents for those who use WhatsApp in a professional capacity, it can get tiring and mundane extremely quickly. This WhatsApp v2.18.102 looks to resolve that.

Now, in this pre-release build for Android, “lock” function is in right place to allow you to slide up to lock the recording functionality after a few seconds of initial recording. There is no need for a permanent physical interaction with the screen in order to keep recording.

Also, this makes sense as it also instantly promotes a more positive user experience. In order to cancel the recording or immediately send it, there is ‘Cancel’ and ‘Send’ buttons available in the updated user-interface.

It is also said that WhatsApp for Android will also be getting another option that allows user listen to those recorded voice messages before sending it to your contacts. It is also stated that in the coming future, WhatsApp will get a feature to show the size of specific sticker packs before downloading them.

Option to play voice messages before their delivery is also in the works. And this functionality is currently in beta right now on Android. Hopefully. it will be rolled out to production build very soon as it has been available on iOS previously.

To get this feature right immediately, Android users can jump onto the beta bandwagon by heading over to WhatsApp’s Google Play listing for betas and getting enrolled, or alternatively downloading and installing the APK of WhatsApp 2.18.102 beta for Android from here.

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