WhatsApp Adds Sticker Packs On Android And iOS, You Can Create And Send

WhatsApp Stickers is all set to roll out to Android users as well as iOS 12.x running iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. What’s hard to believe is that WhatsApp hasn’t had stickers until now, but the messaging app is finally getting them out, as the company announced in a blog post that the stickers will be coming to both iOS and Android in the coming weeks, although some users are reporting that the new update already brings the functionality.

You can try to add stickers and send it via WhatsApp beta if you are an impatient user. But again, wait for the official final roll out of the app. Stickers are accessible through the new sticker icon in the text input field, which will open up a menu of stickers pack. Like its parent company Facebook’s stickers system, you have to first download the stickers app you want before you can use it.

While WhatsApp has announced that it is adding Stickers support to its platforms, which are designed by its in-house designers along with some designed by other artists. For now, WhatsApp has added support for stickers packs that are created by WhatsApp designers along with a few selections from other artists.

WhatsApp has also added support for third-party sticker apps on both Android and iOS, so if you have a sticker pack published to the Google Play Store or App Store, users can send those stickers within WhatsApp. The support for third-party sticker packs thereby allowing designers and developers to create their own sticker packs for WhatsApp. To achieve this, it is providing developers with access to necessary APIs and tools after which they can publish their sticker pack directly on the two Play and App Store.

To send stickers, simply tap the sticker button in a chat window and select your desired sticker. In the recent WhatsApp update also introduced a number of other changes, including hints at an upcoming dark mode, a new UI for Quick Actions, swipe to reply to a message and more. The company has also posted a guide to creating stickers for WhatsApp here.

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