Download Beta: WhatsApp For Android To Get Doodling, Stickers, Bigger Emojis And More


WhatsApp for Android and iOS is one of the best instant messaging apps since 5 years and recently received a bundle of new features that should make sharing images with your friends a bit more animated fun and a lot more like Snapchat. The latest beta update brings Snapchat’s drawings, ability to doodle, bigger emojis and stickers to make the messenger more instant on WhatsApp.

Download and install the latest APK version of WhatsApp beta on Android right now. As the app introduces the ability to draw on an image and paste stickers, like Snapchat – or even the recent Instagram Stories, which added some similar functionality.

The newly released update to WhatsApp Android beta very much focuses on improving the chat experience. For instance, when you take a photo using the camera from within WhatsApp, you will now see options to draw and scribble by selecting the pencil and “T” icon. There’s a new color slider present that can be used to pick your favorite color to doodle or write. Making it easy to add stickers to those photos respectively.

Now, what’s similar is the interface and that would be easy to confuse one for the other. While its acceptable that WhatsApp start-up copies Snapchat’s drwaings and stickers as a whole. Not everything, but minimal. Moving on to the bigger emoji icons they use are identical as well. WhatsApp gets support for bigger emojis that will definitely help you express better and have fun conversations.

WhatsApp normally forces you to use iOS style emoji on Android, which it’s instead using the open source Twemoji used by Twitter and Snapchat. You can send combinations of small, medium and large emoji icons in a single chat. Snapchat similarities apart, WhatsApp Messenger app now having two different style of emojis in one app – made worse by the variety of emoji already present on Android app. Finally, emoji sent without text in chats are now larger, a single emoji is largest, with emoji getting progressively smaller until you hit four.

The updated WhatsApp beta version also brings other features including the ability to send multiple chats at once while sharing or forwarding text messages. Contacts now appear on top while sharing messages and for that, you can also slide your finger up/down to zoom in/out at the time of recording videos.

WhatsApp is also adding a pseudo-flash for your night-time selfies. Much like Apple’s Retina Flash, it will just brighten up your screen momentarily to help illuminate your face with fairly even lighting. Only works when you are taking photos using the WhatsApp in-app camera and not the one present on your device. Noted!

The latest update brings in line WhatsApp with Snapchat and Facebook Messenger features that already support stickers and doodles. To try it out, you will need to be part of the WhatsApp beta program to access the features.

Sign up for WhatsApp Beta Program from here for a test drive all for free-of-charge.


Download WhatsApp APK Version 2.16.263 from here.

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