WhatsApp Finally Adds Apple CarPlay Support For Messaging Whilst Driving

WhatsApp is finally supported on Apple’s CarPlay, which is the first major third-party messaging app to support CarPlay. iMessage gets some CarPlay competition now.

Users of the WhatsApp – instant messaging app can rejoice, for the app has now been updated to include fully baked support for CarPlay. WhatsApp now works with Apple’s automotive platform following WhatsApp’s latest version 2.18.20 update.


Once updated, WhatsApp will automatically show up as an app when your iPhone is connected to CarPlay. It will also work like any other messaging app due to Apple’s strict rules for CarPlay messaging apps. And is also a Messenger for whilst driving.

The number of people who can take advantage of such a feature may be relatively small, in addition, will no doubt be greatly received by anyone who has a car that also integrates Apple’s in-car entertainment system connectivity.

In fact, WhatsApp users previously had to rely on the Sirikit integration built into the app in order to interact with it when in a car. With the new official CarPlay support added as part of a new version update, users can take advantage of all sorts that such support brings to the table. Cheif among those is the ability to receive push notifications to the car’s display, offering a larger and more legible messaging experience.

While the newly added CarPlay integration also means that Siri will notify drivers when they receive messages via WhatsApp. It also offers to read those received messages aloud should that be required. Siri support via CarPlay will also allow for the dictation of messages, too.

The updated version of WhatsApp is available for download via the App Store right now, which does not actually mention the newly added CarPlay functionality. Instead, the “Whats New” section of the Store simply suggests “Bug fixes” are included.

Again saying that Apple’s own iMessage messaging solution has been part of CarPlay since day one, the addition of support for one of the most popular instant messaging solutions around will be a big one for the platform. It allows drivers and passengers alike to stay safe while also staying in touch. You’ll also be able to see unread messages through a badge icon, have Siri read out received messages, and send new ones through dictation. What’s the real difference between the WhatsApp implementation and Apple’s own iMessage app is that WhatsApp lacks the ability to scroll through a list of message threads?

You can grab the updated WhatsApp, which can be downloaded right now and is a free update via the App Store.

(Thanks: iCulture)

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