WhatsApp Beta For Android Adds New Emojis From iOS 10.2 To 7.1 Nougat

Indeed, WhatsApp Messenger for Android 7.1 Nougat has already received some new emoji characters, which are already present on iOS 10.2. Emojis, to further enhance your facepalm moments and shrug reactions, are used for. WhatsApp is said to be bringing all the latest set of emojis from iOS Unicode 9.0 to its next level beta version of Android app.

Messenger now ends up support for older Android, iOS and Windows Phone handsets

Now, WhatsApp 2.17.44 beta build contains emojis including avocado, butterfly, bacon, nauseated face, and much more. Otherwise, these emojis are already find its place in iOS 10.2 and the latest Android 7.1 Nougat version. All these updates are now been made available to download on Android phones through the new WhatsApp beta version.

Plenty of emoji characters were approved since the iOS 10.2 and Android Nougat releases, such as gender quality and profession icons. To test it down those new emojis, all you will need is sign up for the WhatsApp beta through Play Store and update the app. Once updated, you will have full access to those new emojis. Also Read: Unicode 9.0 Is Now Official: Brings 72 New Emojis With Black Heart And More.


Additionally, there’s an alternative way to download WhatsApp beta and install manually via APK. Note that this is beta version app, might have some bugs and could face issues and others. Before you go, try WhatsApp beta on your device, making sure you have already made a complete backup of the data or anyhow comfortable loosing it in adverse conditions.

In order to try the new emojis on your Android WhatsApp. Majority of those characters includes men and women in the professions and different skin colors. There’s still new emojis such as clown face, selfie, both the genders doing face palm, fox face and many more. Rest of some emojis have also received few tweaks in a minimal way.


When compared Android 7.1 version emojis with on iOS 10.2, includes new icons with racial and gender diversely including roles like firefighter and judge. A total of 16 new professions are been added to the emoji keyboard in both genders and all skin tone options. This takes the updated list to 192 distinct images. Wait! There are a host of new animal emojis which are included in iOS 10.2 such as fox, duck, squid and gorilla. Also Read: Android 7.0 Nougat Gets New Emojis, Split-Screen Apps, And Some Hidden Features On Top.

Google has furthermore added a host of new emojis to its Nougat OS. Implemented the options available in the Unicode 9. Google for its Android version platform added diverse and gender equal professions, including artist, astronaut, scientist, student, and enthusiast.

How to change the skin tone of emojis? By simply tapping and holding in Android Nougat, long hold also lets you choose gender of the emoji. In addition to that, there’s a new batch of emojis which represent single parent families and more symbols along with the rainbow pride flag, male and female symbols, etc.

To those unknown, in the recent update, WhatsApp has changed the overall layout of its emoji section, made them appear in bigger size. For instance, if you send a single emoji to your WhatsApp friends list, it will appear like a big sticker of sorts but when you sent two emojis placed next to each other without any space, it will be sent only a slightly enlarged version. If you place emoji right after a message, it will be sent as a standard sized one.

Recently, it was discussed about WhatsApp working on a new inclusion that could allow one to share their live location in group chats. Either way it could also allow one to recall and edit sent messages.

Join WhatsApp beta program by signing in or signup to become a beta tester to take advantage of all the new features.

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