WhatsApp For iOS Update Brings Peek And Pop 3D Touch Support And More [Download]

Update for WhatsApp on iPhone client adds more 3D Touch capabilities and although the VoIP brought support for 3D Touch iOS app last month. Nevertheless, WhatsApp for iOS now features support of Apple’s Peekj and Pop 3D Touch perks.

WhatsApp for iPhone Update Brings Peek and Pop 3D Touch Support

What is Peek? Using this feature, one can preview the content of an app without opening it. Pop requires a firmer press, confirming that you want to view the same content and also navigate to it. With support for these two new features, WhatsApp iOS user can see their conversation thread with anyone without actually opening the whole. Users can quickly let chat open using Pop.

Apple’s Peek and Pop 3D Touch capabilities also work with Mobile Safari, Google Maps, Photos and Mail apps. Exclusive feature of the all-new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus – are slowing being expanded by app developers. Currently, to date – vast majority of apps doesn’t support 3D Touch.

You can download the latest updated version 2.12.11 of WhatsApp. Now supports rich preview for links that are shared within the app. Changelog, however notes that suers will have the option t not include a rich preview if that is required.

According to WhatsApp team, it has also redesigned the Settings tab, which includes the ability to view all the messages that you have starred under “Starred Messages”. Recently also added the ability to quick reply to users on iOS 9.1.

(Download: WhatsApp for iPhone, iPad from iOS App Store)

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