WhatsApp OnlineNotify For iOS 10 Released, Notifies You Whenever Your Contact Comes Online

OnlineNotify for WhatsApp on iOS 10 is here. Lets you notify when someone comes online right on your iPad or iPhone. Details to pin.

Think you are an active WhatsApp user – and let’s be honest here, most of us actually are – then any tool that can be installed to improve that experience for you can only be seen as a positive. What would be grateful is all WhatsApp users could augment the official app with add-ons, but Apple’s current iOS ecosystem doesn’t allow for that, which is why the updated OnlineNotify package for WhatsApp will be wonderful for jailbroken device owners.

The standard WhatsApp app as downloaded from the iOS App Store does great to those affording users with all of the required functionality that they need to communicate effectively. One-to-one messaging, group messaging, and even video and audio calls are possible, but what it doesn’t carry forward out-of-the-box is give instant notifications and alerts on whether or not contacts have come online or when that user is in the process of typing a message back as a response or as a standalone message. That is why talking about OnlineNotify, steps into the fold.

The first point to make a note is that this tweak is likely only intended to be used by the real hardcore WhatsApp user, or those who have serious trust issues and need to know when someone comes online in case they aren’t replying. There’s nothing worse than sending a messaging, seeing it’s been read and the contact is online but hasn’t had the profile nature to reply.

Previously available for older versions of iOS and now updated for iOS 10, OnlineNotify will provide notifications when contacts added to a notify list comes online, first. Or when they are typing a message, is very similar to the Snapchat approach. Still there are a number of miscellaneous little features in place which enhance the overall experience. Users online will be designated as such with an online indicator next to them in the chat list.

If not, there are also a number of changes around how the last seen info is displayed and put to use. The only real con (downside) to this tweak is that the WhatsApp service needs to be constantly running for the notifications to work, meaning that the installed user will constantly be shown as “online”. If you can live with that, then this is definitely a great little tweak to enhance the native WhatsApp experience, live.

The package is available for $1.99 on the BigBoss repository in Cydia.


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