WhatsApp For iOS And Android Now Lets Users Share All Types Of Files

It’s now official, as WhatsApp started rolling out sharing of all file types on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and others, according to the latest report.

Details, which you want to confirm are right here. WhatsApp has long been used as a medium to share photos, videos, and even Word documents. Those limitations for other files weren’t supported on WhatsApp, users tend to go the other way by uploading them first on the cloud, and the Web, sharing the link to download.

WhatsApp APK

Alternatively, there are several other workarounds, including third-party apps, to get those unsupported file from one sender to another on WhatsApp, but what, now appears is that, WhatsApp no longer wants to use those mediums anymore. Though, the company is said to be testing support for all types of file transfers (including archieves) on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices with a limited number of users, just by removing any hindrance of file sharing on WhatsApp Messenger.

The source which spotted this roll out, claims that it’s a phased one. While some users in countries like India, Japan, Sri Lanka, Kuwait has reported that the support has arrived. And there are several users did not see it still. With that said, WhatsApp is expected to roll out this feature out to everyone in the due course of time. The file sharing limit is at 128MB on iOS, 64MB on the Internet web, and 100MB on Android, as reports says.

Once this feature is enabled and activated on their respected smartphones through WhatsApp update, then, it will allow you all to share video in a wide variety of formats, such as MP3 songs, or even APKs for that matter on WhatsApp. For now, it’s certain what type of file-checking system WhatsApp has implemented into place to prevent file transfer pf malicious or booby-trapped files.

Other than that, a neat addition has been added and noted by the tipster with the new sharing feature, WhatsApp also allowing you to send uncompressed photos (.zip, .rar etc) and videos without compromising on resolution, but again, the ceiling limit is too low for high-quality video clips of sufficient length. Presumably, this cap has been enforced to not overwhelm WhatsApp’s servers with huge files.

WhatsApp also said to be working on a recall feature that lets users undo a message sent to someone, and is also working hard on bringing the new Status feature to WhatsApp Web client.

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