WhatsApp Will Charge Businesses For Slow Replies To Customers

As Facebook-owned WhatsApp Messaging service has announced that it is now allowing users to make group voice/video calls up to 4 participants, and we have also pushed a guide on how to use and make that happen. But today, another report directly from WhatsApp and its team says that they are taking the first step towards generating revenue from its messaging platform with the launch of WhatsApp Business API.

Announced last year and made it WhatsApp Business available to only a selected few organizations and companies. The company is now using the same platform smartly and instantly to generate revenues for itself.

WhatsApp Starts Charging Business Users

Using WhatsApp Business APIs, customers can easily and quickly interact with businesses over WhatsApp Messenger, as well as get the information they require in an easy way. How? Any messages sent by businesses will be free of cost for up to 24 hours. Just after that period of time, WhatsApp will charge them a fixed rate for every single message sent out after that. While the pricing for the same varies from country to country.

Businesses will only be able to send messages to customers who contact them first, though the API will allow to only send out shipping notifications, tickets, and other such messages.

What are the new tools that WhatsApp Business API will be on offer?

  • Request helpful information: When you need a shipping confirmation or boarding pass, customers can give a mobile number to a business on their website, or their app, or in their store to send your information on WhatsApp.
  • Start a conversation: You will see a ‘click-to-chat‘ button on the official website or Facebook ad to quickly message a business.
  • Get support: Some businesses may provide real-time assistant support on WhatsApp to answer queries about their products or help you resolve an issue if encountered.

By charging businesses for certain messages they send, WhatsApp is ensuring that they don’t end up misusing the platform for spamming users as well as not sending them irrelevant messages. Only they charge businesses for being slow to reply to their customers. WhatsApp is saying that the customer response time on its platform is always speedy and quick. This is a model that will soon possibly be adopted by other similar B2C communication services worldwide.

WhatsApp for Business has over 3 million user base that has remained free to use since its launch. Indeed, this will soon change while WhatsApp is also working to expand its business tools to more companies globally.

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