WhatsApp Video Call Feature On iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile Updates, Details Here

After Google Duo and Allo the development wheels turn fast as we brought you news that beta version of WhatsApp for Android contained support for video calling directly from within the app. And today, it seems the work in progress very quickly, rolled out a new version of iOS WhatsApp now.

Given the complexity of integrating seamless video calling, most expected the feature to remain in beta for some time, but nevertheless the company has now officially announced that the video calling feature expanded to iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Since the Facebook acquisition the whole WhatsApp proposition has been changed. What once wast relatively simple cross-platform messenger app with support for text, images and videos, has now become a fully-fledged communication variety that’s more in line with services like Facebook Messenger in how much functionality it offers.

The rolling of video calling with end-to-end encryption support joins other recently released features within WhatsApp, such as support for GIFs, and of course, an annotation ability similar to Snapchat, and encrypted messages and now video calling. Much needed feature set indeed.

WhatsApp finds itself in a better place of not being pressed to be the first app amongst to roll out new features, or be the first to get to market with any new functionality. The fact here’s how popular the IM app is, and the size of its user base that has been accumulated over years of growth – and catapulted since Facebook acquisition – the service can generally take its time to go to market with features that other apps may already offering, but still keep a tight hold of its loyal user base.

This new video calling feature works exactly to how voice calling already works on WhatsApp across multiple platforms. When a conversation, or on a user’s profile card, selecting the call functionality provides the user with the option of making a video call or voice call.

Other end user must also update WhatsApp to the latest version of iOS app. If a video call is placed, the recipent of that call will also have to be on an updated version of app that supports this new video calling feature.

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