WhatsApp Voice Calling Enabled On My iPhone 6, iPhone 4, Here’s How To [Tutorial]

Here’s how to enable WhatsApp voice calling (VoIP) on iPhone right away without any troubleshoot. Finally WhatsApp has rolled out its free voice calling for iOS users in its latest 1.12.1 version. Download links available for iPhone already, and it does include calling capabilities. I installed WhatsApp 1.12.1 few days ago and today, it has activated voice calling functionality on my iPhone 6.

The calls are, completely free of charge and notably won’t be charged for the time spent chatting to your friends, work colleagues or associates. The data is transmitted via your cellular Internet connection or WiFi, you may find the carrier limits on how many MB and gigabytes of data you use are reached more quickly.

With WhatsApp voice calling, the app also brings with it iOS 8 extension support, allowing you send photos or videos to your contacts from an app that supports the share sheet feature.

If you are on Android, here’s how to enable it: How to enable WhatsApp Voice Calling on Android.


(Download: WhatsApp for iPhone on the App Store)

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