Will The Space Black iPhone 7 Motivate You To Upgrade? What Is Exactly Look Like

We’re now at the tip of June of the year 2016 and September is almost three more months away to witness the release of new iPhones, in which Apple usually announces it latest hardware, and at this point there are few indications to suggest that 2016 will be the year to buck the trend.

Expected iPhone 7 to feature few cosmetic changes from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s that come before it, one key thing that will radically makes a difference between the new handset. With that said, set to be the introduction of a new Space Black model in line with the Apple Watch’s color options. Rumors has it that the new color will bring a new era of darker look to the iPhone, which has gotten lighter variations of Space Gray over the years.

Although it’s easy to get a photo of a Space Black Apple Watch, and imagining the same color in an iPhone isn’t all that easy. This is what the Space Black iPhone 7 could look like, and we say it looks lovely, which aims to show how the black iPhone poses. We’ve always enjoyed Apple’s darker colors, particularly in the iPhone 5 days, so the idea of a stealth iPhone 7 certainly appeals to us.

Here are two new renders, created by one Twitter user and an Instagram user, both give us an inking as to what a Space Black iPhone could eventually look like, however, there is obviously no guarantee that Apple will even release a black iPhone. Renders all being outed, are anything close to these two will have us excited to get our hands on an iPhone 7 even if the rest of the industrial design does not.

Look at first of the two:

If Apple does release an iPhone 7 with the same chassis, or at least almost the same chassis as the predecessors, would a new, stealthy blackk color be enough to make you upgrade? Updated internals will also be present, naturally, we can’t help but think Apple has something else up its sleeve.


(Source: Shai Mizrachi [Twitter] | Apple iDesigner [Instagram])

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