Windows 10 Anniversary Update Is Coming To Eligible Devices This Summer For Free, Announced!

Microsoft never forgets to deliver big upgrades as its said and it’s next time to get Windows 10 a fresh coat of paint, whatsover. Windows chief Terry Myerson has used Microsoft’s Build 2016 developers conference in San Fransisco today to announce the new major update fo the Windows 10 platform. As part of it, has also confirmed that the update bubbed “Windows 10 Anniversary Update” will be offered to all Windows 10 owners as a free-of-charge download when released. Unfortunately, there was no official timeframe offered though, but given the fact that it’s being billed as an anniversary update for Windows 10, may be available around July 29 this year, the same date on which Windows 10 was officially released in 2015.

Since Windows 10 users have been receiving regular incremental updates to the platform over the period of time now, has followed by the platform launch last July. As with most small update packages, those boot-ups have generally included bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements rather than introducing any high-level feature enhancements or functionality inclusions. But this latest from Microsoft means, it will be actually bringing some new sort of features and large notable improvements to a number of aspects of the Windows 10 experience across multiple device types.

Microsoft announces the Windows 10 Anniversary Update
For one, the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 brings Windows Hello’s biometric authentication to all kinds of apps, including the Microsoft Edge browser. You can sign into a website with your fingerprint. Made so simply, by Microsoft! Has outlined a number of key areas within Windows 10 that will be improved with this Anniversary Update, which internally codenamed as the Redstone update. This release brings a number of new enhancements to the whole existing Windows Hello login feature that allow users to authenticate using retina scan or a simple touch.

As aforementioned! Biometric authentication is being a part of Annoversary Update for Windows 10, is being extended to the company’s in-house Edge browser with the ability to sign-in to sites and other apps using fingerprints. Authentic! The update bring more advanced gestures and pen inputs, a Linux command-line shell, smarter Cortana commands and unification between the Windows 10 and Xbox One app stores.

Details! With Anniversary Update, Windows 10’s Pen support also gets its due with a sticky note app, a sketchpad and virtual drawing tools like a input. There’s a significant upgrade given to the digital assistant ‘Cortana’ as well. Considerable importance being placed on Windows Ink with Microsoft telling us that it is placed front-and-center in this summer-bound update.

Additionally, the update for the Xbox One will open up the opportunity to turn any retail version of console into a development kit, whereas Cortana also lands on the gaming console for digital voice assisted function  (such as sending files to colleagues). Windows 10 apps are finally coming to Xbox On with this update.

Apart from all of this, this update to Windows 10 will be offered across all WP10 compatible devices, including laptops, desktop PCs, and even Microsoft’s Xbox One and HoloLens headset, when ready.

We’ll bring you more on an official release date when it becomes available, which looks like the final public version of Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be available for download on July 29, 2016. Point to be noted, Microsoft will obviously make many changes to these features available early to Windows Insiders for testing purposes.

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