Getting BSOD Error After Windows 10 1803 April 2018 Update, You Can Fix It Alone

There are issues during an upgrade to Windows 10 April 2018 1083 update, and Microsoft is having to fight a lot of smaller battles at the moment. The latest error comes in the form of the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) and is showing up for 1083 Windows users under a variety of conditions.

The BSOD, what’s commonly known as the blue screen of death or stop error which could appear while upgrading to a new version of the OS, when starting your computer, or just “out of the blue” when using Windows 10. BSOD reboot loop prevents access to desktop, and if you are stuck in that loop, Windows 10 will automatically go into Repair mode after a while. From that situation, use the System Restore facility to fix the issue. There’s no magic bullet that fixes all ills, but if you work through the following ups you should be able to diagnose, and hopefully fix, your particular issue.

A growing number of users have been taking to social media sites to not only express their concern about the blue-screen-death making an appearance but to also query whether others have had the same issue and if there are any resolutions to eradicate it from the roots.

Some complaints are suggesting that they are being shown the CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED error message on the BSOD screen, with others reporting that an array of errors are shown, including “Power Status Driver” error. For many of standard users, there’s no real suggestion on what the correct course of action should be.

Given the fact that the issue could be caused by an outdated graphics driver installed on the machine which is offering conflict with the latest Windows 10 1803 update. The more prominent error message displayed, if you believe that could be the case then it is definitely worthwhile attempting to go through the process of updating your drivers to ensure that have the latest version of installed, where possible.

If doing that doesn’t resolve the problem, and the BSoD still continues to disrupt your Windows 10 experience, then it would appear the only additional course of action to take right at this time would be a full and fresh clean installation of Windows 10 using any of the following tools:

  1. Media Creation Tool: Windows 10 Media Creation Tool MCT April 2018 Update 1803 Download Released
  2. ISO Download: Download Windows 10 April 2018 Update 1803 ISO

This blue-screen-of-death issue is just the latest in a growing list of troubles that users have been experiencing with the 1804 build, the bit in terms of installation worries and performance problems post installation.

Here, what we have the freezing issue experience when using Google Chrome, Microsoft has responded with an acknowledgment of the problem by informing us that a fix is coming. Let’s hope the same can be said for this problem sooner rather than later before it starts affecting too many additional users. Stay tuned for more!

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