Windows 10 Creators Update Insider Preview Build 15002 Released, Here’s What Microsoft Announced

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 10 to Insider Preview members that is due early this year in the Fast Ring. Those who are in can download Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15002 now.

One of the first additions in the new Windows 10 preview build is a new tap preview bar in Microsoft Edge, which eventually lets you visually glance at the rest of your tabs without even leaving the page you logged on. The release, which originally offers the most lively build of the currently-growing Creators Update that was revealed in late-2016. Announced in a post over on the official Windows blog and brings with it a whole set of new features, changes to existing additions, and fixes. In fact, the post announcing exactly what has changed as part of this particular preview release is a very lengthy one indeed, so this newer update could be one that those who have access to it will want to download soon. You will, without any doubt, come across something new empowering once you do.


Microsoft is also said to also be adding the ability to save and restore hosts of tabs so it’s quicker to resume if you’ve closed all the tabs off or restored. By the way, you can eventually launch a new window or InPrivate mode from the jump list for Microsoft Edge now. Elsewhere, the Redmond-based software giant is also adding in a new Blue light reduction feature that’s a bit similar to F.lux. Windows 10 will automatically reduce the amount to blue light emitted from a PC at night using local sunrise and sunset schedules. Microsoft seems like simplifying the display options talso to let Windows 10 users switch resolution a little easier, and improving DPI settings as well.

However, we’re not going to try and cover everything that has changed in this new preview build – Dona Sarkar over at Microsoft has already done a sterling job of that – but the additions in order to just waht highlight a couple to whet your appetite.

Microsoft Edge, for example, has relatively gets a raft of changes this time now. Supports new tab preview bar that allows users to see all open tabs in the preview state and with the new options in the Edge Jump List, allows you to launch a new regular or InPrivate window right from the app’s Taskbar icon as aforementioned.

There’s another new payment request API support that should make it more quicker to spend money with Windows 10, and Microsoft has managed to include improved high-DPI support for desktops apps, too.

Speaking of apps, following feedback for testers that windows were not scaling as they should be, Microsoft has managed to sort out that problem with this update. There’s improved and simplified access to VPN settings and configuration for those who need to connect to a work infrastructure as well, which will be well received by those who make use of such functionality.

Here where Microsoft is also set to block Flash with this latest test build of the Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft Edge will now block untrusted Flash content by default, and Windows 10 users will have to click to run it. Finally, Microsoft Edge will get Microsoft Wallet support for payments using details stored in a Microsoft Account.

The new share experience is also present in this build, with a pop-up that makes it very easier to pick the app you want to share content to. Adding a new screenshot feature that lets user capture a region of the screen to the clipboard, just like OneNote currently enables.

This is what Microsoft has changed and added with this update from the scratch, so be sure to check out the full announcement post over at Microsoft for the complete lowdown. The software giant is planning to release Windows 10 Creators Update in April to all those Windows 10 users, with a second update planned for later this year.

(source: Microsoft)

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