Official Windows 10 Creators Update Release Date Is Now Imminent

Microsoft has finally made the Windows 10 Creators Update release date official, with the ISO for the update already available to download for those who wish to start afresh. Now, Microsoft is ready to officially release the Windows 10 Creators Update to users on April 11th. Here are the full details, and in short, here’s everything you need to know about the rollout of Windows 10 Creators Update.

The update, which will begin to arrive on Windows 10 machines as part of Apple’s Patch Tuesday, and those who do not want to have to wait until April 11th can download the update right now after Microsoft recently made the 32-bit and 64-bit ISO images available to download on its own servers, as we told you recently.


Mainly, one of the most eagerly anticipated features coming to Windows 10 as part of this Creators Update is something called Game Mode, which suggests the ability to redirect more resources to the game being played. Theoretically, this is that will allow gamers to run more smoothly on less powerful PCs. How? It remains to bee seen in the real world though, and across the millions of potential hardware and software configurations that are successfully part and parcel of PC gaming.

Despite the name, the Creators Update will include a new version of Paint. Dubbed Paint 3D, the new app brings the age-old favorite into the 21st century and nevertheless gives creatives the ability to build 3D objects within the app. These objects will also be compatible with Windows Mixed Reality-enabled headsets when they arrive later this year.

A set of fair changes and few new features within the Creators Update are game changers, but in aggregate, they make up an update that is likely to be well received, and now that a release date is in the calendar – and those really keen to try it can get ir right now at the cost of a free/fresh installation – we look further to seeing what Microsoft has up its sleeve next.

Update X1: Seems like Microsoft has now pulled the ISO files that were earlier made available to download prior to April 11 release.

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