Windows 10 Is Getting A Picture-In-Picture Mode

Microsoft is indeed looking at one of the big feature in macOS Sierra’s “PIP” – new iPad-inspired Picture-in-Picture mode for Safari on Windows 10 in coming future. Here’s everything we know so far.


Recently, Microsoft released a new build of Windows 10 Insider Preview to developers, with the main focus being the introduction of what the company calling is Compact Overlay window, or, Picture-in-Picture mode to the rest of the technology-loving world.

When speaking about the new ‘Compact Overlay’ windows, it’s smaller and displayed above other applications, which suggests a Picture-in-Picture. On Windows 10, Microsoft just made it easier to use multiple applications at once, especially when dealing with video-focused programs with the operating system. Although Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15031 to developers brings in the main attractions of the so-called Compact Overlay windows.

The new feature allow users to run a program in a minimal size window that’s pinned above other applications, so it can be seen without being as intrusive as a standard window. These Compact Overlay windows appears useful when dealing with videos. For instance, keeping a YouTube clip or Skype call visible in the corner would eventually make it very easy to users do things like take notes or check email while not losing sight of the video.

This latest introduction however accompanies a number of bug fixes, internal improvements, and other miscellaneous additions, but instantly makes things easier for Windows 10 device owners to make better use of multiple apps at a time.

The good news for developers is that Compact Overlay windows works just great like normal windows in all other ways. Just like the feature known as Picture-in-Picture on the Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, Microsoft’s new implementation also makes it every special for PC owners to essentially pin an app above all other windows in a small, compact window. This can be accessed with any app, but it definitely makes perfect sense to use this when playing a video, making it easier to watch that content whilst still getting on with being productive with other applications.

Specifically, one useful case for this Compact Overlay window feature could be authentically for those Windows 10 Enterprise users, during single or conference Skype sessions with a note taking app or mail client open whilst having this Skype video pinned to the screen above all other windows. Damn, this feature will be used predominantly by video player apps.

This is great news and definitely a new feature that will improve the Windows 10 experience from a consumer point of view. It’s also positive on from a development perspective. The implementation of Compact Overlay functions exactly how Microsoft’s standard windows in the Windows 10 environment works, meaning that there shouldn’t be too much work for developers for updating their apps, or even creating new ones, to support this functionality once it has gone live in an actual public update of Windows 10.


Other notable improvements in this latest Windows 10 beta build is the attachment of a new Dynamic Lock which allows you to setup your PC to auto lock whenever a Bluetooth paired device such as a mobile phone is not in close-proximity to the computer or vice versa. The update also adds full-screen Windows Game Bar support for 52 games, including Call of Duty ad Grand Theft Auto titles. Microsoft says that the Skype Preview and Movies & TV apps will soon be updated to take advantage of the new feature.

As Compact Overlay windows are only available to developers of Windows 10 Preview at the moment. Microsoft has also changed the Share icon, and planning to get more support. Check out this: Enable Picture-in-Picture ‘PIP’ for Netflix in macOS Sierra.

(Source: Microsoft)

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