Windows 10 Mobile Front Camera Essentially Features Face-Tracking?

Reportedly the latest version 5.38.2004 of Windows Camera on the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile apparently to packa face-tracking technology, allowing it to recognize your face when using front-facing sensor, according to the reports that surfaced.

Now that it is said that the front-camera on Windows 10 Mobile supports a feature not present in Windows Phone 8.1, and that is the face-tracking setup that too via the front-facing camera, which should help those who want to frame the best selfie shot.

For those unware about it, the face-tracking technology helsp the camera to automatically adjust focus even if the photographer’s hands are not ready, or the guy or girl is moving around. Worth mentioning that the inclusion is not present in its predecessor version of phones.

In addition, this build also brings with it an updated app icon, which the move will hopefully make the app more recognizable to first time users. What next?


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